Headshot Honcho is a Halo 3 achievement that is obtained by scoring ten headshot kills with a Sniper rifle or a Beam Rifle in a ranked free-for-all matchmaking playlist or in Campaign. It may be done on any difficulty in Campaign. The Achievement is worth 5 gamerpoints and is represented by black crosshairs with a sad face in the middle. This achievement is only obtainable through 10 headshots on Brutes or Jackals. Grunts do not count.


At the start of The Ark, scoring ten headshot kills should be relatively easy, as the Covenant forces are initially unaware of the player's presence.

On Tsavo Highway, at the second outside area (with two Shades), there are several Jackal Snipers. A player can kill one, take its Beam Rifle, and snipe the Jackals or Brutes in the area.

On Sierra 117, a Sniper Rifle can be obtained at the crashed Pelican. It can later be used at the last part of the level, where there are more than enough enemies.


  • Headshot Honcho is related to the phrase "Head Honcho", which means the boss, John, number one, etc.
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