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Heavy Variants exist in Big Team Battle and Squad Battle playlists. These are the bigger maps, such as Sandtrap and Avalanche, edited by Bungie and 343i to include more weaponry, vehicles, and dangers in general. They can be used in any game variant, most often Team Slayer and Capture the Flag settings.


Heavy maps are often heavily edited to include Scorpion Tanks, Wraiths, Choppers, and Gauss Warthogs in addition to the standard set of vehicles. Prowlers also appear on these variants, albeit rarely.

Weaponry usually includes various anti-vehicle sets, such as multiple Spartan Lasers, Rocket launchers and other power weapons. In addition, weapons not seen on some maps such as the Sniper rifle and Beam Rifle are seen more commonly, most often with more than one.

Additional cover, such as barriers are also seen more often, as well as hazards, like Fusion coils.


Halo 3
Halo: Reach
  • Asphalt
  • Delta Facility
  • Graveyard

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