The Heretic Sangheili Minor is the lowest Heretic Sangheili rank known. They are denoted among the other Sangheili by their brownish-gold armor. They often lead small groups of Heretic Unggoy.[1][2]


The Heretic Sangheili Minor are fearless warriors led by Sesa 'Refumee, along with the other Heretic castes. They were the main enemies in the level The Arbiter, but they were also present in The Oracle. Most, if not all, were killed when the gas mine fell into the depths of Threshold, after the Arbiter cut the cables holding the mine above the planet, but some probably survived.

When Thel 'Vadam and a Phantom took to the skies, Minor Sangheili patrolling the station by way of Heretic Banshees continued to battle against them, but were ultimately put down. After the cables were cut, none seemed to be willing to give up on their beliefs and continued to fight, despite the fact that they most likely knew they were going to die one way or another.[1]

Combat Edit

Heretic Minors are the easiest Heretics to deal with (other than Heretic Unggoy). Mostly found wielding Covenant Carbines, Sentinel Beams, or Energy Swords, Heretic Minors are relatively easy to take down. With the Carbine, they will fire one shot at a time, making them vulnerable between attacks. With the Sentinel Beam, they will fire in shorter bursts than a Heretic Elite Major.[1][2]

Heretic Minors will make several tactical errors, such as running forward into enemy fire, or walking into an ally's line of fire. Most Minors will stand still while firing, which can give the player time to attack. Heretic Minors are common and will often be caught off-guard. They will often be found walking away from the Arbiter, or unaware of his approach.


  • They are one of the least seen bipeds in the Halo trilogy, as they only appear on two levels; the Arbiter and the Oracle in Halo 2.
  • It is possible that some survived due to the multiplayer map Burial Mounds being referred to as a Heretic base.
  • It's possible some were part of Sesa 'Refumee's Artifact Retrieval Group, and believed in what he spoke about after the Oracle informed him of the true purpose of the Halo Array. Others may have heard his words elsewhere, and came to believe as well. Whatever the case, they all fought against the Arbiter and the Special Operations Elites sent into the mine to silence the heresy.
  • Their shields are about as strong as Sangheili Minor.



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