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Sangheili High Councilors

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San'Shyuum High Councilors

Council chamber

Sangheili and San'Shyuum High Councilors at the trial of the Supreme Commander, Thel 'Vadam, who would later become the Arbiter.

The High Council was the central Theocratic/Aristocratic and decision-making body of the Covenant. The High Council possessed both legislative and judicial powers within Covenent society.[1] The High Council consisted of more than 200 Sangheili and San'Shyuum[2] and was headed by a triumvirate known as the Hierarchs or "High Prophets." Most of the Sangheili members of the Council were assassinated during the Battle of Installation 05 as part of the High Prophet of Truth's plan to replace Sangheili with Jiralhanae in Covenant society.


The Theocratic Covenant followed the orders of the High Council to the letter as they constituted the governing body of the Covenant governance. The High Council seemed to have been divided into sub-groups, with different tasks and goals which keep the Covenant up and running within all its aspects.

As of now, the exact status of the High Council is still unknown, the expulsion of the Sangheili would have left a significant power vacuum, especially in the more military-centric aspects of Covenant leadership and it is not known if the Jiralhanae would have assumed these roles yet. Furthermore, the invasion of High Charity by the Flood apparently devastated much of the Covenant leadership. As a result, a large portion of the Covenant population was wiped out and it can be assumed that the High Council no longer exists. The final defeat of the Loyalists by the UNSC and Covenant Separatists was the keystone to ending the tradition. Following the events of the Great Schism, the Sangheili Separatists would likely promote their own leader, or leaders, in the traditional way, the best warrior and leader combined. It is most likely that the Arbiter would earn this title, as most of the qualified High Ranking Separatists were killed at Joyous Exultation.[3]

Known Council membersEdit

High Prophets

San'Shyuum High Councilors

Sangheili High Councilors


  • In the opening scene to Halo 2, 80 Sangheili High Councilors are in the Council Chamber. They are in two groups of four rows of five Sangheili, along with two groups of four rows of five San'Shyuum.
  • All Prophets of the High Council are deceased or have been deposed.
  • The High Council makes an appearance in Halo Wars: Genesis at Ripa 'Moramee's sentencing.




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