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“Despite millennia of abandonment, transportation facilities like this one continue to function flawlessly.”
— Halo Waypoint - Halo Bulletin 11/9/11[1]

High Noon is a multiplayer map from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and the Anniversary map pack for Halo: Reach. It is the remake of Hang 'Em High from Halo: Combat Evolved.[2]


The map is set in a massive Forerunner generator complex which powers a portal, connected with a number of locations. The generator is built to handle something of the size of a Forerunner's keyship.[1] The playable area itself is an observation platform, barely sheltered from a storm raging just outside, creating a whirlwind of dust and debris around the center of the portal. Part of the structures in the playable space are partially covered in sand.[3]

Changes from Hang 'em High[]

  • More cover has been added to red base.
  • Two extra ways into red base have been added and one extra ramp into blue base.
  • A network of tunnels has been added into the walls behind both bases, some connecting to existing tunnels.
  • More cover has been added all across the map, most noticeably on the walkways.
  • A gravity lift has been added from the floor near red to the platform upon which blue teams base is situated.
  • More space has been added to the bunker.
  • With its graphical overhaul, the map has gained an excellent view of a Forerunner artifact creating what seems to be a slipspace portal


  • Blue Base
  • Blue Bunker
  • Blue Tunnels
  • Central Area
  • Construct of Mordia
  • Covered Ramp
  • Long Ramp
  • Lower Catwalk
  • Outer Catwalk
  • Overlook
  • Overlook Footbridge
  • Overlook Room
  • Portal Footbridge
  • Portal Overlook
  • Red Base
  • Red Bunker
  • Red Tunnels
  • Trench
  • Upper Catwalk


  • Along with its predecessors, Hang 'Em High and Tombstone, High Noon is also the name of a Western film.
  • Bits of the mountain above the map can be seen breaking off as if gravity was pulling them toward the portal.
  • There is a GRD Doll on this level, just like the other six maps from the Anniversary map pack.