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HTFoR Animated Series - Highland Mountains

The Highland Mountains as seen from an Albatross.

The Highland Mountains are a large group of mountain ranges on the UNSC's colony planet Reach, and is located within the northern continent[1] of Eposz.[Note 1]


The Insurrection[]

In 2517, the SPARTAN-II candidates were brought to the Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex.[2]

Human-Covenant war[]

Fall of Reach[]

On July 23, 2552, the Visegrád Relay was taken offline. The UNSC feared an Insurrectionist attack and so they sent in an Army team.[3] The team was soon declared MIA and now fearing the worst, the UNSC sent in Noble Team.[4] Noble Team eventually discovered that it was Covenant Zealots that had shutdown the communications hub.[5]

Parts of the mountains were glassed during the Fall of Reach.[6]


Wild blueberry bushes[7] and cedar trees[8] grew in the mountains especially in the Military Wilderness Training Preserve. Moa are as well known to live in the Highlands.[5]





  1. The planetary map of Reach that comes with the Halo: Reach Limited Edition has "VIS" marked in the central mountain range of the Eposz continent. Judging by how Sword Base's location is marked a similar callout "SWO" and Castle Base as "CAS," this places Visegrád on the same continent and in the same mountain range as Castle Base.