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Shotshell hippo

Some serious hunting went into figuring out where the Hippo in Halo might be hidden in Halo: Combat Evolved after, on December 6, 2001, "Matt" wrote a long treatise on hippos, and why they should have been in Halo: CE (and why they, for the most part, aren't) but he finished with this teaser:

"...they may not hug walls anymore, but they're still in the game (thanks again to Robt.), and they're still extremely lethal. But you'll need excellent vision and a really nice TV to spot them."[1]

Everything from the bottom of Warthogs to Sniper Rifles and everything in between were postulated, but they were finally spotted on the spent shells of the Shotgun that fall to the ground after the player has fired a blast.[2] When the shell is on the ground, you can see easily with the Sniper Rifle's zoom. You can also see them while reloading the shotgun. The same hippo is also on the walls of a building in the multiplayer level Headlong on Halo 2 in the tower on the wall. Also, a Bungie employee wrote in the "Personal Messages" section of the Halo credits, "For hippos all over the world," a joke most likely pertaining to this.

In the Halo 3 multiplayer map Foundry, in the back right corner there is a pile of garbage, in the pile of garbage, there Is a small picture of a hippo. You might want to use a Sniper Rifle to spot it.