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In part one of Isabel's plan, the UNSC must defend a Forerunner cannon as it immobilizes the Banished's carrier and break through its shields.

Hold the Line is the eighth level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign. Throughout the mission, while Professor Anders uses the Ark's particle cannon to penetrate the Banished carrier's shields, Douglas and his squad must send up defenses to hold off Atriox's incoming forces to stop the cannon.


Mission Summary[]

Protect the Forerunner particle cannon from the Banished until it breaks through the carrier's shields.

Scouting Report[]

Build turrets and deploy your army across Banished routes leading to the cannon.


  • Douglas-042: Captain, we're on site of the Forerunner particle cannon we discovered at the Cartographer. We've targeted the Banished carrier and we're ready to fire on your say so.
  • Captain Cutter: Do it. The Spirit of Fire wasn't built to fight a carrier like the Enduring Conviction, and we can't hold it off for long.
  • Anders: We're locked on, Captain! The cannon's not large enough to destroy the carrier, but it will immobilize it and punch a hole through its shields - if we can stay alive long enough.
  • Captain Cutter: That's where the second part of Isabel's plan comes in. Jerome, are you and Isabel in place?
  • Jerome-092: Yes, sir. We're making our approach to the Banished base beneath that carrier.
  • Captain Cutter: Good, be ready to get Isabel inside the carrier once its shields are down. Douglas, Atriox can't afford to lose that carrier, so he'll be sending all his local forces at you to stop that cannon.


Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt TheSetup The setup … Completed Hold the Line 10G