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Holly Tanaka (SN: 93312-28001-HT)[2] is a Spartan-IV in the United Nations Space Command.[3]


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Early life[]

Tanaka was born on the colony of Minab on July 9, 2530.[2] In 2550, Minab would be destroyed by the Covenant. Only ten survivors working in a mine on the other side of the planet, including Tanaka and her father, managed to stay hidden for a year, through her mother was in the capital of Kynur at the time of the glassing. Unfortunately, the group hit tensions when one member went insane, dividing them between keeping the maniac restrained or executed. The day after the argument, someone had freed the maniac, who led a horde of Kig-Yar to the mine. Tanaka, along with two other men who later reveal themselves to be Insurrectionists, managed to survive the attack. Tanaka would later accuse the two men of freeing the maniac, who refute that it was her father who done so to avoid public execution that would've weakened morale. The Insurrectionists then taught Tanaka guerrilla tactics, enabling them to obtain weapons from a group of Kig-Yar. Though Tanaka wanted to go back to the mine to find survivors, she was talked out of it. Thus, she remained with her companions as they survived for a few more years before being rescued.[1][4]

Tanaka would then go on to serve in the UNSC Army after the Human-Covenant war, being a Non-Commissioned officer serving in the 412th Engineer Command. In 2556, Tanaka joined the crew of the UNSC Cascadia to rescue survivors on the planet Cleyell from Covenant fringe groups. She accompanied two ODSTs down to the surface and managed to rescue the survivors before the Kig-Yar could execute them. Afterwards, Captain French recommended her to the SPARTAN-IV program, at which she was accepted and received the augmentation and training.[1][4]

In February 2558, Tanaka was deployed as part of Fireteam Domino to Requiem during the Second Battle of Requiem.[2]

Service with Osiris[]

Tanaka would later be recruited to Fireteam Osiris with her C.O Jameson Locke, and teammates Edward Buck and Olympia Vale to find and retrieve the AWOL John-117 and the rest of Blue Team.[3] As part of this hunt, Osiris would travel to Sanghelios to fight Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and Prometheans in the Battle of Sunaion.[5]



  • In Halo 5: Guardians, Tanaka is one of 8 playable characters in the campaign. Her unique attributes are a faster thruster pack recharge, slower stabilizer descent, the ability to have her motion tracker still visible when in smart-scope, and an increased motion tracker range.