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Holotank displaying Cortana.

Holotank, also referred to as a holo-projector, is a device used to project a hologram. A variety of different sizes and shapes of holotank exist, and the term is used to refer to both UNSC[1] and Covenant[2] devices. Small holotanks commonly used by AIs are often referred to as holo-pedestals.


Holotanks are used to project a hologram of information and are sometimes reserved for AIs, though other information can be displayed, such as mission recordings and holo-vids. UNSC Holotanks vary greatly in size and shape, ranging from small cylindrical pedestals reserved for AI avatars to large tables used to display tactical information.


The Covenant commonly use holotanks on their starships, and they are plentiful in High Charity as well. AIs can also access the map data from the holotank's link to the Covenant information network and give directions verbally to anyone near the holotank. In Halo 2, Cortana enters one to gain access to info in High Charity on the level Gravemind, remaining there for the rest of the game. The Covenant also utilize portable holo-pedestals, to communicate over distance or in the battlefield. The Luminaries mounted on Covenant ships are typically linked to the bridge's holotank, which can display the information detected by the Luminary. In Halo: Reach, a large map of Reach is shown.[2]


So far only holo pedestals have been seen on Requiem and the Didacts ship. Cortana was able to access these by means of a data chip. 


  • In the heart of High Charity in the Halo 3 level Cortana, Cortana is found in a small holotank that is protected by a force field.



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