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Honor Guard Ultra, also known as Light of Sanghelios by members of the Covenant Empire,[1] is a Covenant Empire Sangheili rank. This rank commands the 'lower' Sangheili Honor Guardsmen that protect the High Prophets and is equal to the rank of Jiralhanae Honor Guardsman.


Honor Guard Ultras sport the same ornate armor as the rest of the Honor Guard, with the exception being that the base armor they wear is white instead of crimson red. This color is consistent with the Sangheili Ultras of the regular Covenant army, hence their title.

The Honor Guard Ultras are likely more skilled than their subordinates, with many years of experience in the Covenant Honor Guard services, which is particularly impressive considering the prodigious combat abilities of any in the Honor Guard. Because of their skill in close combat and rank over the rest of the Sangheili, they were likely attacked first after Honor Guardsman at the start of the Great Schism, similar to what happened to the Sangheili High Councilors.

It was stated that the Ultra Honor Guardsman would gladly sacrifice their life to protect a prophet, if needed. This shows their devotion to their role in the Covenant.