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Hopalong was the nickname given to an individual Yanme'e on Verge whose legs had been torn off and cauterized at the stumps, leaving only his wings and damaged arms.[1] He was then left to die, sheltering himself in a derelict house. Not long after, Black-Two found him.


Battle of Verge[]

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The leader of the local Yanme'e, Hopalong offered Team Black an alliance between the UNSC and Yanme'e as a species, offering to lead them into the Beacon set up on the planet to allow them to destroy it. In exchange, he sought to free his Yanme'e brothers.[1]

However, Black-Two failed to realize that the Yanme'e on Verge weren't slaves - they were in fact psychopathic prisoners, warning the rest of the team not to continue along with the planned release of the Yanme'e. Hopalong managed though, to recover a guard's control prism during the Spartans' insertion into the Beacon dig site, and used it to free the Yanme'e, who swarmed over their captors and promptly turned on Team Black. Hopalong himself was one of several who attacked Black-Three, but was shot by Black-Two.[1]

He would try again to kill the Spartans, but was ultimately vaporized by the destruction of the Beacon.[1]

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