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The rank insignia of a Corpsman Petty Officer 1st Class worn on dress blues.

A Hospital Corpsman is a rating of the UNSC Navy.


Hospital Corpsmen serve as enlisted medical specialists for the UNSC Navy and UNSC Marine Corps. They serve in a wide variety of capacities and locations, including shore establishments such as naval hospitals and clinics, aboard ships as the primary medical caregivers for Sailors while underway, or with Marine units as battlefield medics.

Operationally, Hospital Corpsmen assume the duties normally assumed by Medics in an Army. Marines can be heard calling for Corpsman when hit, "Corpsman up!" or for "Doc."  Doc which is a nickname or term of endearment given to Corpsman that the Marines trust and have familiarity with.

In military bases, Corpsman normally have their quarters in Triage.


Corpsmen do not aid the player in any way in the FPS games. In Halo Wars, however, one has the option to research medics at the Barracks, which adds a medic to each squad of Marines. He will fight alongside the others with a MA5B Assault Rifle, and when the squad is idle, will automatically begin healing it. While the medic is healing the squad, an Easy difficulty shield will appear over the squad with a green cross over it.

Medical personnel make a common appearance in Halo: Reach, though they are Army medics, and not Navy Corpsmen. Roughly one in every five Army troopers encountered will have an caduceus on their helmet and pauldrons. These medics, however, fight exactly like normal troopers, and will not aid the player or any allies in gameplay whatsoever. 

There are marines throughout the games kneeling near wounded troops, though they are not medics.

Known Corpsman[]


Marine medic

A Corpsman treats a wounded Marine.

  • It should be noted they have the exact same dress uniforms and battle uniforms as the UNSC Marine Corps, but they are distinguished by a red cross on a white background on their helmets and pauldrons.
  • Hospital Corpsman have been seen in the field in the E3 Announcement Trailer for Halo 2, Sierra 117, and Crow's Nest, Tsavo Highway, and The Storm. All were perceptibly treating the wounded during gameplay or cutscenes.
  • The medic in Halo Wars appears to be holding an XBR55 Battle Rifle in the circle menu, although they end up using a MA5B Assault Rifle instead.
  • "Corpsman" appears as a name option for custom Loadouts in Halo: Reach.
  • Medics in Halo Wars appear to take on a larger combat role than the shooter games. They use some sort of pad to "heal" the squad when not receiving fire.





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