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The HC1500 is a line of Hydrogen-powered civilian transport manufactured by HuCiv. At least two different variants of the HC1500 are known, one with four tires and a cargo compartment in the back and another, heavier, six-wheeled model which serves as a tractor unit. Both models were used by Traxus Heavy Industries on Reach.[1]


Halo: ReachEdit

The vehicle is drivable in Halo: Reach. It is capable of transporting 2 people, however, AI that board in the passenger side are unable to fire their weapons. Also, if someone enters the passenger seat, they climb in through the door, instead of opening it.

The horn on the right trigger makes the "Ah-ooga" sound reminiscent of the old jalopies of the 1920s-1930s. The truck is slow to accelerate, and even its top speed is not particularly remarkable. The tractor unit variant is slightly faster than its counterpart. This makes it possible for it to make the jump on the 10th campaign level.




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