The Hull Classification Symbol is placed on each and every UNSC ship and space station. Different types and sizes of ship have different classification symbols. Placed after the symbol is a number. Each ship of that class gets a different number. This way, the Hull Classification Symbol is a sort of numerical identification system for ships, other than their names.


The symbol based on the hull classification symbol system used by the United States Navy in the 20th and 21st centuries with few differences. The symbols have a few things in common, a symbol beginning with "FF" generally denotes a Frigate, "DD" a Destroyer, "CC" a Cruiser, "CV" a Carrier, and "BB" a Battleship. The rest of the letters vary depending on the type of vessel. There can be dozens of types of each class of vessel.

The number attached to a symbol was often consecutive. However, this wasn't always the case. Some ships inherited the numbers of previous famous ships and some numbers were lost to unbuilt ships.[1]

A similar system to the Hull classification symbols are also used by the Covenant Navy, though their system is more diverse than the UNSC's and identifies classes by their three roles or characteristics.[2]

List of Known SymbolsEdit


Class/Type Code Ship/Station Symbol Source
Ammunition Ship AE UNSC Diadochi AE-380 [3]
Halcyon-class light cruiser C UNSC Pillar of Autumn C-709 [4][5]
Autumn-class heavy cruiser CA Unknown Unknown [6]
Marathon-class heavy cruiser CA UNSC Canberra CA-70 [7]
UNSC Say My Name CA-942 [8]
Springhill-class mining vessel CFM CAA Heavy Burden CFM-88 [9][10]
Phoenix-class colony ship CFV UNSC Spirit of Fire CFV-88
Epoch-class heavy carrier CV Unknown Unknown [11]
Freighter DDA UNSC Onan DDA-147 [12]
Destroyer DD UNSC The Heart of Midlothian DD-366 [13]
UNSC Iroquois DD-906 [14]
UNSC Kronstadt DD-993 [15]
Frigate FFG Unnamed frigate FFG-045 [16]
UNSC Chioglossa FFG-127 [17]
UNSC In Amber Clad FFG-142 [18]
UNSC Forward Unto Dawn FFG-201 [19]
UNSC Midsummer Night FFG-209
UNSC Aegis Fate FFG-307 [20]
UNSC Grafton FFG-318 [21]
UNSC Providence FFG-334 [22]
UNSC Savannah FFG-371 [23]
Gladius-class corvette FS UNSC Sagan Blue FS-803 [24]
Infinity-class supercarrier INF UNSC Infinity INF-101
Prowler/Other stealth ships PRO UNSC Port Stanley PRO-46328 [25]
ONI PRO-49776 PRO-49776 [26]
Unknown CBC UNSC Chevalier CBC-5 [27]
CVA UNSC Totem Lake CVA-92 [27]
IX UNSC Witch Bucket IX-206 [28]
Space Stations
Service, Repair, and Refit Station SRRS Anchor 9 SRRS-01007 [29]
Orbital Defense Platform Array ODA/OWP Cairo Station ODA-142/OWP-142 [18][30]


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