Hunted is a TV ad, part of the Believe ad campaign for Halo 3, and follows one Marine's story of fighting and hiding from Covenant forces. First aired on September 22, 2007, the video later appeared on the John-117 Monument flash site at on September 25, 2007.


In the video, an unnamed veteran UNSC Marine describes a harrowing night he and his unit spent out in a group of woods, as he walks through them several years later. Pausing to point out plasma scoring on a tree trunk caused by a Plasma Rifle, he then approaches a clearing where he and his unit hid throughout the night and described how they hid from the group of Covenant soldiers who were hunting them. The Interviewer turns the lights of the scene off with the Marine's permission, and he describes the sounds of the Covenant forces moving through the woods.

He concludes the interview saying that during that night, his unit had no choice but to be still and quiet in the clearing, "and wait for John-117." After seven hours of hiding, John finally showed up to rescue them.

Transcript Edit

Veteran: This was made by a Plasma Rifle.

Veteran: This is it. Right here. This is the spot. I bet I can remember every one of these trees.

Interviewer: How did your platoon get pinned down?

Veteran: We got word the Covenant was out here hunting us, and that Master Chief wouldn't be able to rendezvous with us until dawn, so, we had to go dark.

Interviewer: Go dark?

Veteran: Uh, it's no helmet lights, no read-outs, nothing that would give away our position. Like rabbits down a hole. Invisible.

Interviewer: Do you mind if we turn the lights off?

Veteran: Okay, alright.

Interviewer: What happened then?

Veteran: (whispering) For seven hours, we couldn't do anything, but be still and listen to them hunting us. All we could do was sit... and wait for Master Chief.

Trivia Edit

  • The veteran states that they couldn't do anything for seven hours, an obvious seven reference.
  • While the videos are considered non-canon, the team could have been the recovery team for John-117.

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