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Hunter Captains are superheavy infantry heroes that encompass a colony of Lekgolos in a form similar to that of a Covenant Hunter, but act as Officers. Their presence ensure cooperation among Lekgolo units and constructs within the field of battle through use of an adapted battlenet relay, while providing heavy support and absorbing enemy fire [1]


Hunter Captains are larger and more imposing than their kin, standing taller and clad in thicker armoured plating. Their most noticeable features is the large, ornamental crest the construct wears atop its head (Resembling that of an Earthen ceratopsid)and their back spines: which are thicker and straighter than regular Mgalekgolo. The shield that they carry upon their left arm is also larger, boasting two bladed tips opposed to a single triangular point, being powerful enough to flip a Warthog over its fender. [1]


In combat, Hunter Captains use a more powerful Siphon beam that strips enemy units of their health using a red beam. In addition to this, they are armed with their two-part shield, that like those of their kin is made from the same material as covenant warships. In addition, they can provoke the enemy with their Taunt ability to draw their fire away from friendly troops.


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