The following is a list of known dialogue lines spoken with the IWHBYD skull is active.

Halo 2Edit

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  • "Muchos Gracias" -When Master Chief gives a marine a better weapon
  • "You're the best!" -ditto
  • "Oh, you shouldn't have!" -ditto
  • "Why, what's wrong with it?" -When Master Chief gives a weapon back to a marine
  • "Chief, Can't talk, killing aliens."

Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODSTEdit


  1. "Everyone huddle together for warmth."
  2. "Pie is good."
  3. "Sorry, we don't take MasterCard!"
  4. "Sorry, we don't take American Express!"
  5. "The power is YOURS!" - When a Brute sticks you with a grenade, in reference to Captain Planet.
  6. "Here they come, did anybody bring the buns?"
  7. "You heartless animal!"
  8. "After your death, the rest of the Sangheili race will live as our slaves, Arbiter."
  9. "I'm raising the Threat Level to Red!"
  10. "You monstrous beast!"
  11. "Is someone farting or is the demon in the room?"
  12. "Hey, Grunt, the demon isn't that big, why don't you go out and get him?" - When inside a Bubble shield with a Grunt or two.
  13. "Rip it, homies!" - When the player is killed.
  14. "HE WAS MY LOVER!" - By a Brute when you kill a pack mate.
  15. "I have you now!"
  16. "Use your hate. Only anger can destroy me." - In reference to Darth Vader's famous line in Star Wars.
  17. "Stick together team." - In reference to Counter-Strike.
  18. "When this is over, that hammer is going in someone's ass!" - Brute Chieftain.
  19. "There's no "I" in team! Let's get him together!"
  20. "Oh no, my weak spot!" - When a Brute loses its shields or is stuck by a grenade in his groin.
  21. "Save the last dance for me." - In reference to the song of the same name.
  22. "Oh my god! Its stuck!" - If stuck with a grenade.
  23. "You bastard!" (This can also be heard without the IWHBYD skull active)
  24. "SHOOP-DA-WHOOP!!!" - In reference to a common internet meme.
  25. "Graaaaahh! -The sound Chewbacca makes - Reference to Star Wars.
  26. "How does it feel to be dead?" - When player dies.
  27. "Ooga booga" - After dying.
  28. "I fart in your general direction!" - A reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  29. "I'm going to eat your balls for dinner."
  30. "Who volunteers? Me. I'll get him." - When you take cover and a Brute takes point.
  31. "Tartarus' murderers!" - When spotted.
  32. "Darn! I forgot the ketchup!"
  33. "I shall be the one to teabag you!"
  34. "I hate it when they run away." - When leading Grunts.
  35. "I farted." - Rare, when seeing you.
  36. "I'm going in,""No inappropriate touching." - Jump Pack Brute's conversation, when spotted.
  37. "Pry open his can, I wish to inspect the meat." - When Master Chief is dead along with a Grunt.
  38. "I will put your head on my belt, Demon." - When spotted.
  39. "I'm stuck! I'm stuck!" - When stuck by a grenade
  40. "I can taste him already." - When the player is spotted.
  41. "Use your eyes... stay alert. No one sleeps but me."
  42. "He's trying to trap us. I am the leader, you idiots!" - When the player runs towards the enemy while taking cover.
  43. "Well, someone will have to go get it." - When the player hides.
  44. "Every pack brother for himself!" - When a Brute is killed.
  45. "No one sleeps but me!" -When with Grunts.
  46. "Scum-sucking meat!"
  47. "Vermicious knid!" - A reference to Willy Wonka.
  48. "Watch your asses!" - Speaking to other Brutes in battle.


  1. "Someone... is sniping!"
  3. "He flees! Thank the nipple." - When you retreat.
  4. "The brochure said this would be fun!" - When attacked.
  5. "Here comes the Grunt-y punishment!" - When throwing plasma grenade.
  6. "Hug me!" - When Suicide Grunts chase you.
  7. "He's a ZOMBIE!" - When Arbiter gets up.
  8. "You know, at this point, if the Demon gets us, and rips out our little skulls, and takes off our backpacks, then humps us with his big, demon-y, buttocks... we deserve it! Haha."
  9. "If I chase him, then I catch him, and then I don't know what to do!"
  10. "Man down!" When you kill all nearby Covenant and the surviving Grunt flees.
  11. "You killed Flipyap! Or Yapflip, was he... it was Yapflip... no, Flipyap was his brother. Don't tell me I don't know Flipyap! Flipyap and I went to Nipple Academy together, and, now, now he's dead..." - If a nearby Grunt is killed.
  12. "Cover me, I'm going in."
    "I'm not going to cover you, it's your fault Flipyap got killed."
  13. "You LIKE that, Demon? You LIKE that?!" - If a Grunt kills Master Chief.
  14. "You killed Poonflip! The flippiest poon I ever knew!" - If a nearby Grunt is killed.
  15. "Why did they color us orange?" - Said when player is not yet detected.
  16. "Merry Christmas," "Fist of Rukt," "Rukt... Fist... Merry Christmas", and "Mmmmm, Jackal Stew." - All said while sleeping.
  17. "Game over!" - If the player is killed. (Can also be heard without skull)
  18. "We are the champions, my friends!" - If the player is killed. Reference to a song by Queen.
  19. "Well this sucks, I'm headin' north!" - If the player shoots at a fleeing Grunt. Reference to the Narnia novels.
  20. "(Fear, Feel, Taste, Please Enjoy) my bright... blue... balls!" - When a Suicidal Grunt charges the player.
  21. "I was so wrong to shoot at you." - If targeting or shooting a Grunt who recently shot you.
  22. "I'll polish your boots. I'll polish your helmet!" - Panicking grunt.
  23. "You know, if he gets us, he will tear out our skulls, rip off our masks, and burn the methane, *sighs*, we deserve it."
  24. "Don't kill me! Look, I will join your side! (Grunt throws grenade at an ally) See my betrayal? I can join you now, right?" - When targeting or shooting a Grunt. Note that the Grunt will still be an enemy and shoot at you.
  25. "Abrakasomething!" - When a Grunt throws grenade at player.
  26. "This is a biblical kind of doom."
  27. "Green armor, good camouflage, shiny green armor, not so much."
  28. "He really just beat the shit outta me!" - If you melee a Grunt but he survives and flees.
  29. "Pray before you eat me!" - When you stick or are about to kill a Grunt.
  30. "Faith and devotion!" - When a Suicidal Grunt gets close to the player.
  31. "I will rip out your intestines, and wear them as a necklace!"
  32. "Open up and say ahh!" - When throwing a grenade at the player.
  33. "He's eating a...a croissant. With a little bit of jambon." - In a French accent.
  34. "I have methane. You want?"
  35. "Here's one for your mama!"
  36. "I'm gonna pop the top off a CAN OF WHOOP-ASS!"
  37. "I really should have taken those leadership classes!" - Said when you kill the Grunts' leader.
  38. "Thank you for choosing Air Blue-Ball!" - When a Grunt is going Kamikaze.
  39. "If you follow the path brother, I MIGHT follow." - If a lot of Grunts are together and some are killed.
  40. "Watch out, Chris!" - Said when a Grunt is climbing on top of an object, commonly heard in the level The Covenant.
  41. "It's all clear you can come out now. This is sergeant errr Smith-son-ten... son..." - Said when player is behind cover.
  42. "I'm sorry about your planet!"
  43. "You respect my authoritah!" - A reference to Eric Cartman from South Park.
  44. "I bet I can stick it!" - Reference to Cortana's "Betcha can't stick it" line in the end of the Halo 2 Trailer.
  45. A Kamikaze Grunt will occasionally hum the Halo theme.
  46. "Here's some candy!"- Said when throwing a grenade.
  47. "Hey! Demon! The jerk store called, they're all out of you!" - One of the lines spoken by the Final Grunt - A reference to Seinfeld.
  48. "Maybe me know...sidekick. Like Robin!" - After watching you kill an enemy.
  49. "If you let me live, I'll give you Jackal." - If there is a Jackal nearby the Grunt.
  50. "HO, my stars and gardens, there he is!" - A reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  51. "Together, as we share our gas!"
  52. "I'm being stalked!"
  53. "Gabba Gabba Hey!" Reference to a Ramones song.
  54. "Suck it Demon!" - When a Grunt throws a grenade.
  55. Very rarely, a Grunt will celebrate killing the player by tea bagging.
  56. "Ayayayayayayayah!" -when going suicidal.
  57. "Warriors come out to plaaaay." - When player is hiding.
  58. "When has us looking for it ever been a good idea?"
  59. "I will love you, and pet you, and call you George." - A reference to a line from Of Mice and Men.
  60. "Ahhhhh! Panic!"
  61. "I'll eat your liver on a cracker!
  62. "I'll go and investigate! Someone get me one of those Sherlock Holmes hats..." - When the player runs to cover.
  63. "The Demon is alive, that's...a big, uh problem..."
  64. "Listen, I have the Fist of Rukt. If you let me live, I'll give it to you..."-When all Covenant except for the Grunt dies.(IWHBYD Skull not really needed)
  65. "I...killed the Demon?"-When player dies.
  66. "Should we come out of cover?""A genius plan!!!"-When you hide,two grunts say that.
  67. "Nothing but teets and tedium, they said!!!" - When attacked.
  68. "Advance backwards!"
  69. "Focus all fire on the demon!!!"
  70. "I can't run when I'm scared!" - When trying to flee or take cover.
  71. "We killed the demon? We'll be heroes!" - When player is killed.
  72. "You guys suck!" - When player kills a Grunt.
  73. "(crying): I just wet myself."
  74. "Demon is going to eat me!" - When player runs toward a Grunt.
  75. "I'll flush them out." "It's your funeral." - When player takes cover.
  76. "My grubby claws will sting" - When fighting the player.
  77. "Devil in a big green suit!" - When fighting John-117.
  78. "He'll kill us! Snap off our arms and use them as Maracas!"
  79. "Should we come out of cover?" "Let's get out there!" "Don't run after them, it's got germs!" - When Grunt takes cover.
  80. "We were... we were following orders!" - A panicking Grunt.
  81. "Yahoo, I stuck him!"
  82. "Walk the path, brother." - When a nearby Grunt is killed.
  83. "Windbag-sucking air monkey!" - When fighting player.
  84. "He must have been real scared of me" - When player takes cover.
  85. "Told ya. Chicken!" - When player hides.
  86. "Well... there goes stupid."
  87. "On birthday. Sit on Rukt. Remember to do."
  88. "Brutes are jerks! See? I said it!" - When Grunt is panicking.
  89. "I'm not chasing it. It looks ferocious!" - When Grunts takes cover.
  90. "Don't cower back there! Come and fight!" "Don't make the demon angry." - When player hides.
  91. "Meaty pussbags!" - When fighting player.
  92. "Oh brother." - When a grenade is thrown besides a Grunt.
  93. "You giant bullying monster!" - When player kills a pack of Grunts.
  94. "Always in the last place you look" - When a Grunt missed a grenade thrown.
  95. "No gas for you!" - When fighting player.
  96. "What a world!" - When Grunts are killed. A reference to The Wizard of Oz.
  97. "Filthy heretic, unclean with the stupid!" - When fighting a player.
  98. "Breath... Breath my gas. Take my gas. ...just a bit...!"
  99. "Bet you all is gonna BLOW!" - When a grenade is thrown.
  100. "Quick question. Have we ever wandered off, looking for the enemy and NOT ended up dead?" - When fighting a player.
  101. "I get his helmet!" - When a player is killed.
  102. "Merciful! *gibberish*" - When a grenade is thrown near a Grunt.
  103. "Feet don't fail me now!" - When a Grunt is fleeing.
  104. "Oh, have pity, demon."
  105. "Look at his gloves!" "What am I supposed to say?" "Does he have different numbers of dots on his gloves?" "Then check his boots" - When Master Chief is spotted.
  106. "Yeah! OK... someone bring out the Fist of Rukt!" - When player is killed.
  107. "He's looking right at me!" - When player attacks.
  108. "Here's some candy!" - When a Grunt throws a grenade.
  109. "Death from the sky!" - When a grenade is thrown.
  110. "The Demon is no match for me!" - When fighting John-117.
  111. "The traitor must suffer!" - When fighting the Arbiter.
  112. "Ok genius. That's great! You go... and I'll wait to see where you die. And then I'll go somewhere else." - When player is spotted.
  113. "My beacon guides the journey." - Said by Suicidal Grunts.
  114. "Follow my light brothers!" - When going suicidal.
  115. "Our death is at hand."
  116. "Panic! Management is disintegrated!" - When a Brute is killed.
  117. "Every man for himself!" - When a Brute leader is dead.
  118. "I'll chew your legs off, traitor!" - When fighting the Arbiter.
  119. "QUICK QUICK! Raise his visor and see if it's a man or laadyy." - When player is killed.
  120. "He was hiding under our grunty noses!" - When player is killed.
  121. "I didn't sign up for this." - When fighting player.
  122. "The Arbiter is not stopping!"
  123. "I'll climb right up you and snack on your face!" - When fighting a player.
  124. "Stay together teet team."
  125. "Has that ever happened when you're looking for something and then, ok you think "Ah, there's no way. That's not you" but that's you. Haha. I didn't even think, yeah. Oh, that's right, I have to kill you."
  126. "They have a sniper." When seen with Beam or Sniper Rifle in ODST.
  127. "I found him! I thought he was just a piece of scenery, but he's not!."
  128. "I'll just cross my fingers, crap I don't have any fingers!" - When throwing a grenade.
  129. "Oh, no, not again!" - When stuck with a grenade. Reference to a line said by a Grunt in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  130. "You killed my brother!" - Said after killing a Grunt with others nearby.
  131. "The Prophets want you very badly, Demon!"


  1. "Dude, can I be your friend." (Can be heard without skull)
  2. "Why, Chief, why?" - When you kill an ally.
  3. "You run, I gun! Hey, a rhyme!" - When a marine kills an enemy attacking you with a Warthog turret.
  4. "Hey, I'm not that good looking." - Female marine after staring.
  5. "You're undressing me with your eyes, aren't you? You sick freak."
  6. "You killed John! You bastards!" - South Park reference.
  7. "He's right there. Right there! Any closer and you could kiss him, you blind bastard!"
  8. "Don't make me turn this car around!" - when you melee the Marine driver in a Warthog from the passenger seat.
  9. "John is dead? I'm just going to ... eat my gun."
  10. "I should have been a Gear!" - If under heavy fire. This is a reference to the Gears of War series.
  11. "I must have won the lottery!" Said when given a more powerful weapon.
  12. "THIS IS SPARTA!" - A Marine upon having a victorious kill. Reference to the movie 300.
  13. "There's trouble, right here in River City!" Reference to the Music Man.
  14. "I loved him." - If the player kills a nearby ally, not necessarily marine.
  15. "Hey Chief, do you have a pair of socks I can borrow?"
  16. "Haven't you heard any fat mama jokes?"- Said by Marines on the level The Storm.
  17. "I've got some pictures on my MySpace if you want to see them." - Said by a female Marine.
  18. "They remind me of Wookiees, you know, from Star Wars? Ah, forget it. It's for kids." - Said by Sergeant Reynolds after a fight that included Brutes.
  19. "Oh yeah, I can really... Oh, sorry, thanks Chief." - When the player gives a Marine an explosive weapon.
  20. "Don't stare at me, it makes me nervous." - When you look at a Marine for some time.
  21. On The Ark (possibly only on Legendary), when the players leave the landing site of the Forward Unto Dawn in tanks, a Marine can be heard over the radio, singing "Ride of the Valkyries" (Can be heard without skull). Reference to Apocalypse Now.
  22. "There's no milk that comes out of these things, so look away." - When staring at a female Marine's breasts.
  23. "Arbiter's dead.... Never mind." - When Arbiter dies then respawns.
  24. "We've got a Ghost, and it ain't even Halloween!" - Marine upon sighting a Ghost.
  25. "I just can't believe it! I mean, his fist is as big as my head!" (Can be heard without skull)
  26. "If you're just gonna stand there, why don't you get me some whiskey?" - Female Marine.
  27. "Gosh let's be friends forever, 'Kay thanks bye'." - Female Marine when stared at. (This can also be heard without the IWHBYD skull active)
  28. "It's pretty nice with these zombies, I could use a break from fighting the Martians." - When the Flood appear on The Covenant.
  29. "Thank you for killing the big scary thing." - Said after you kill a high ranked Brute.
  30. "I almost had an Achievement!" - Marine when Chief kills an enemy he was attacking.
  31. "You could just have asked him for his weapon!" - When the player kills an ally. (Also heard without skull)
  32. "You want some? Come get some!"
  33. "Hey sexy. No, not you, the alien." - If looking at pilot Marine with the Arbiter near.
  34. "I think we just killed their B team." - After clearing the area of Covenant.
  35. "I'll get that letter to your family, I promise." - After killing a Marine with a second Marine nearby. (can be heard without skull)
  36. "Here you go, in front of me, Chief." - When entering an area with hostiles.
  37. "Are you staring at me because I look good, or because you like to get slapped?" - When staring at a female marine.
  38. "Life... flashing... before my eyes... Johnson... you still owe me five bucks..." - When a marine is shot by enemies.
  39. "Click it or ticket, my friend." - Said at the beginning of Tsavo Highway.
  40. "Great, now you made me piss my pants." - If you tip over a Warthog.
  41. "Hey buddy, keep your eyes in the green zone." - Said if looking at a female marine's breasts.
  42. "Hey soldier, save the PDA for your mother." - Said if looking at a female marine's breasts or buttocks.
  43. "SUCK IT!" - When fighting enemies, mostly when a marine is in the passenger seat and kills an enemy or is shooting at one.(can be heard with out skull)
  44. "Hey, They were surrendering, Chief!" - (Rare) saying after you kill a Grunt.
  45. "Aww, you stupid metal rust bucket!" - When you flip over your Warthog.
  46. "Die for The Shaft, guys!" - A reference to The Shaft, a Bungie joke.
  47. "Wraith is down! We got a Wraith for breakfast!" - Said by Sergeant Stacker when you destroy a Wraith.
  48. "Drop that jelly donut." Reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  49. "Do you mind looking away Chief, you're really starting to freak me out." - when staring at a Marine for some time.
  50. "Hey, watch your fire, Benedict Arnold!" - when shot at by the player.
  51. "He will just respawn..." - when player is killed.
  52. " are a guy, right?"- when pushing/walking into a male marine.
  53. "That'!" a reference to the first marine prisoner being interrogated in Sierra 117
  54. "Hey, what about the Arbiter? Handsome fella." - said when staring at a male marine.
  55. "Oh I'm sorry Chief, I don't even know why I got in this side." - said when asked to get out of the drivers seat of a vehicle. (Can be heard without the skull)
  56. "Aarrrr... here comes John-117."
  57. "He's gone bananas!" Said when a Brute goes berserk.
  58. "But I already wrote my name on it." - when taking a Marine's weapon.
  59. "If it isn't our knight in shining green armor!"-upon seeing John-117
  60. "That was a massacre! No, a slaughter! It was a massacre slaughter kill!" - When Master Chief scores a double kill.
  61. "Go back to planet Jackass, jackass!"
  62. "Ghost ride the whip!" - said when you flip a Warthog from being shot by a Ghost and land upright
  63. "Hey, it's dead? Heh, at this pace we will be done by Tuesday...or at least Wednesday." - When a marine kills a Grunt.
  64. "Someone get a can of Raid!"- said when Drones are spotted on Tsavo Highway (can also be heard on Crow's Nest without the skull, but extremely rare without skull).
  65. "Let's go find us some Fox-Trot!"- said when kicked out of vehicle, or randomly.(can be heard without skull.)
  66. "Hahaha! We owned those fools!" -said when you kill a group of Covenant.(can be heard without the skull)
  67. "Okay, let's start digging a hole people!" -said when John is killed.
  68. "Umm, would it be wrong to take his armor?" -said when player dies.
  69. "They're falling back! Yippee!!" - said when enemies are retreating.
  70. "You will cease to live 'very' soon!" -said when a marine shoots an enemy.
  71. "You killed the hell out of those dudes!" -said when you kill a group of Covenant.
  72. "He's gone mental!" -said when marines see a Brute going berserk.
  73. "I'm a cowardly fool!" -said by a Marine on the Ark (present in every game of the trilogy).
  74. "And I only pee'd myself a little!" -said when you rescue a marine on Floodgate.
  75. "I'm gonna save this and watch it in theater later."
  76. "That Brute must be on a killing spree." -said when a high-ranking Brute kills a Marine.
  77. "Doorknob!" -when throwing a grenade.
  78. "Just checking the airbags, right?" - when you crash a vehicle, with a marine in it (Has been heard rarely without skull).
  79. "You did this because you knew I'd do better with it." - Said when a player gives a Marine a more powerful weapon.
  80. "Whoa man! That was one hell of a throw!" - Said by an ODST when an ally kills at least two enemies with a grenade.
  81. "Thanks Chief, but I'm taken."- After giving a Marine a weapon.
  82. "Thank you sir, for the weapon sir, Master Chief, sir!" -giving a Marine a weapon.
  83. "You're just wondering what makes me so cool." -said when staring at a Marine for some time.
  84. "He's pending for a bending."-A reference to Bender from the show Futurama.
  85. "Hey Arbiter, when you go back home, could you tell the Elite ladies about me?" - Said when the Arbiter player stares at one of the guards on Crow's Nest.
  86. "Shake 'n bake!" - Said when getting into a vehicle. Reference to Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
  87. "Will the universe please just end right now?" -said when player dies.
  88. "I hate being treated like a sex object." - said when staring at a Marine for some time.
  89. "Sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think?" - When a marine throws a grenade.
  90. "Just makin' sure you heard me!" -sometimes said after killing many Covenant troops easily and with few casualties, and while shooting one their dead bodies (Can be heard without skull).
  91. "Wow, you know Kung Fu?!" -sometimes said when killing all enemies with a beatdown within 2-20 seconds.
  92. "You just got served!" rarely said after a hunter is killed (Rarely heard without skull).
  93. "Say hello to Vera!" - Reference to Jayne from Firefly (voiced by same actor).
  94. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." - said by a nearby Marine after staring at another Marine for a long time.
  95. "I'm going to shake your ass loose! Unless it already is, I can't tell." - Taunting an enemy in a vehicle.
  96. "Dear Diary, The Creepy Green Giant was staring at me today, and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would." - when you stare at the Marine for a long time.
  97. "You're gonna blink before I do." - said when you stare at a Marine for a long time.
  98. "Oh! Staring Contest? I'm good at that." - said when staring at Marine for long periods of time.
  99. "The Arbiter or whatever died." When the Arbiter is killed.
  100. "Hey, Grunts! I heard a legend that says you taste like chicken!"
  101. "Oh Staring contest? I'm good at that...I hope..." - said when you stare at them.
  102. "Come on everybody, let's get in!" - said in a stereotypical voice, can be heard after deactivating the first tower on the level "The Covenant" in Halo 3, when the Marine brings up the Troop Transport Warthog.
  103. "Either kiss me or go away." - said when stared at for a while.
  104. "They were like 'They think they are going to take over us!' and we were like 'Eat grenade!', stupid bastards." - said when you kill all the Covenant in an area.
  105. "I heard their weakness is bananas. Has anyone got any bananas?" said during Crow's Nest after attacking/killing a Brute.
  106. "Ya see, that's why you don't bunch up." If you kill at least 3 Brutes with one explosive weapon.
  107. "Hey Arbiter, you can respawn now!" - said rarely when the Arbiter dies on Co Op.
  108. "Hey, does anyone know how to patch up one of those alien dudes?" -Said when the Arbiter is killed.
  109. "Frakking watch out!" Said by female marine voiced by Katee Sackhoff, who played Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica. Frak is an expletive used in the show.
  110. "No achievements for TK's!" Said by a Marine if you melee him enough.
  111. "Don't look at me, you're the hero." Said by male Marine while staring.
  112. "Hang on to something, I don't drive that well..." - Said when he gets in the driver seat.
  113. "Dude, those guys are from another planet and we're killing them. Is that crazy or what?"- After killing enemies (can be heard without the skull).
  114. "What? You don't have awesome heroes where you come from?"- When staring at a Marine.
  115. "You are one powerful ugly creature."- Said when stared at.
  116. "What? You never saw a real lady's man before?"- When staring at a Marine.
  117. "Are you playing the silence game?"- When staring at a Marine.
  118. "It's not a toy!!, it's a freaking Grenade!!"- when the player throws a grenade at a marine (Can be heard without skull).
  119. " I wanted to teabag you but, you know, there are people watching." -(rare)- heard when killing a Brute.
  120. "'You bastard! You killed one of ours!' - when the Arbiter is killed by you."
  121. "Your mama never loved you and she dresses you funny/and you taunt people about it." - randomly during Halo 3 ODST's Firefight if the player is playing as Mickey.
  122. " We kicked ass and took names! Then we kicked name's ass!" - Heard after you destroy the Scarab in the level The Storm.
  123. " I'll rip off you arms and play bongos on your head!" - When fighting Grunts with Scorpions when on the level The Ark.
  124. " Get mounted marines, and I don't mean that in a rude way! "- After clearing out the first barrier tower on the level The Covenant.
  125. When in a tank one Marine riding on the side of the tank might shout: " Let them know we're here!" with IWHBYD on, another Marine may respond with "Hi!"
  126. "Found you, jackass!" - when the Covenant is spotted.
  127. "You're a dude, right?" - if you stare at a Marine, or heard randomly.
  128. "Getting tired of being treated like a sex object." - if you stare at a Marine for a long time.
  129. "Dude, I think I just leveled up." when a Marine kills an enemy.
  130. "I'm gonna take your head home in a jar!" - Sometimes heard while killing Grunts.
  131. "You are one efficient murdering son of a bitch." - Sometimes heard after killing multiple enemies in a short time frame.
  132. "Hey! It's a grenade, not a hacky sack!" when a Marine survives a grenade thrown that exploded that was thrown by the player.
  133. "That's what a grenade looks like! Let's get out of here!" - Said by an ODST when a Grunt throws a grenade.
  134. "This oughta' be better than your backseat driving..." - When you boot an ODST out of the driver's seat.
  135. "I once killed a man in a Tanzanian bar for staring at me too long. Turns out he was blind. Tragic, really." - Said by an ODST if you stare at him.
  136. "I heard you're a monster with just about any weapon." - Said by an ODST if Master Chief trades the ODST a strong weapon for a weak one.
  137. "Ow! My freakin' buttcheek!" Said when shot.
  138. "Somebody's setting off firecrackers!"
  139. (staring at a female marine's chest) "That's why they call it a breastplate."
  140. "I hate Brutes more than I ever hated the Elites..." Said by a female marine on the level "The Ark."
  141. "Didn't we just do this?" said after player dies mulitple times.
  142. "Na na na na na na na na na!" - When Chief drives a Warthog off a high jump and the Marine is on the turret. Sung in the tune of the General Lees horn. Reference to The Dukes of Hazzard.
  143. "Oh, I see; you take Vera, and leave me with this?" - When Chief gives an ODST a less effective weapon. This is a reference to Jayne, from the Firefly series, who named his favorite gun "Vera."
  144. "Grenades are like RAM... There's no such thing as too many or too much!"

Sergeant JohnsonEdit

  1. "That one called you fat, Chief!"
  2. "Ain't I immune to this?" - If infected by Flood Infection Form through way of a glitch.
  3. "I did it for Hocus!" - If infected by Flood Infection Form through way of a glitch.
  4. "Here comes a Wraith for breakfast!" - On the level The Ark, where you are coming back from the Landing Zone in a Scorpion.
  5. "Are they actually trying to kill us!?"
  6. "I would have been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence." - reference to his line in Halo Combat Evolved, for which the skull is named.
  7. "Took your time, didn't you?" -if you wait to enter the hallway to the control room on the level Halo.
  8. "Chief! Put down that jelly doughnut!" - A reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  9. "What the fudge?" - When you melee him repeatedly.
  10. "Friendly fire, dumbass." - When you shoot him (This can also be heard without the IWHBYD skull active, most common through way of a glitch on the final mission).


  1. "Yes, I have one blue eye and one green eye, can we get on with it?"- When you stare at one long enough.
  2. "Didn't I give you this for Christmas?" - said when you swap weapons.
  3. "One word for you: Haboodigaboodiguhguh." - said when stared at.
  4. "Master Chief, can we be friends?" - When stared at.
  5. "Oh, snap!" - Said when an ally is killed.
  6. "Damn... I like you too, but damn!" - Said when stared at.
  7. "I... I... I think you're sexy too... er..." - Said when stared at.
  8. "That's what she said."
  9. "Ha Ha Ha! How does it feel to be dead?! Wait, don't answer that." - after killing an enemy.
  10. "Have no fear, I will cover the rear, ha ha ha, err.."
  11. "Die, stinky!" -said when killing an Unggoy.
  12. "What? Do you want me to say 'Wort, Wort, Wort'?" - When stared at, a reference to the Sangheili battle cry of Halo: Combat Evolved.
  13. "Wort, Wort, Wort!" - Reference to the signature battle cry of Elites in Halo Combat Evolved.
  14. "I'm trying new contacts. Now stop dripping!" - Said when stared at.
  15. "Really, I'm not going to kiss you in front of everyone." - When stared at.
  16. "No, I don't know how to kiss you either." - When stared at.
  17. "If you gaze at me much longer, we might as well exchange fluids!" -When stared at.
  18. "Your ass is mine!" - Said when killing an enemy.
  19. "Is this because of Reach?"- When you shoot or hit one.
  20. "Yes, they are the window to my soul... now stop!" - When stared at.
  21. "You had me at hello." (a reference to Jerry Maguire)
  22. "Why don't you just take a... uh, what do you call it, picture? Yes, that's it." - If stared at.
  23. "Give them chicken, give them liver." - If stared at - A reference to Meow Mix.
  24. "I shall remember this day, always." - Said when all nearby enemies are killed or when given a powerful weapon.
  25. "Is there something in my teeth?" - Said when stared at.
  26. "Don't shoot me, fool!" - When player is shooting at an Elite.
  27. "I like you too, but let's talk about this later, ha ha ha...." - When stared at.
  28. "I... like you, too! ... Let's talk about this afterwards, shall we?" - When stared at.
  29. "I will name my next child after you!" - When given a better weapon.
  30. "A fine trade!" - Same as above.
  31. "You disgusting foot lice!!"- when they attempt to kill you for killing your team mates.
  32. "The Arbiter has joined us! Huzzah!" - Said when meeting up with a team of Elites as the Arbiter.
  33. "This means... so much to me!" -When exchanging weapons.
  34. "Do I look like a Grunt?" -When giving one a weaker weapon. (can be heard without skull)
  35. "This stupidity hurts our case." - When exchanging weapons a lot of times.
  36. "Why don't you take a picture? And it'll, uh... What does it say? Master Chief." - Said when stared at.
  37. "Ahhh! What's this? - When given a weaker weapon.
  38. "At least think!" - When given a weaker weapon.
  39. "I'll kill many with this." - When getting a powerful weapon.
  40. "I will regret this." - When given a weaker weapon.
  41. "This trade is unfair." - Same as above.
  42. "Ouch!" - Same as above.
  43. "This is less than optimal." - Same as above.
  44. "Bagh!" - Same as above.
  45. "Wretch!" - Same as above.
  46. "I already regret this trade!" - Same as above.
  47. "Two words for you! FI-RE!" Said in combat, pronouncing "fire" as two words.

The ArbiterEdit

  1. "Remember we are allies, you dumb piece of crap." - When Arbiter is shot by the player.
  2. "Bigger isn't ALWAYS better." - After you kill a Hunter.
  3. "What do you gain!?"- After sticking the Arbiter.
  4. "Welcome to the social." - When walking up to him - A reference to the Zune Social.
  5. "You shot me, fool!" - When Arbiter is shot by the player.
  6. "Do not provoke my wrath!" - After shot by the player.
  7. "Well that sucks, but come." - After Johnson dies.
  8. "This attention is provocative." - Staring at him.
  9. "Yikes!" and screams like a little girl if an Auto Turret is thrown out in front of him.
  10. "Do you require mental help?"
  11. "Save your fire for our Brute foes!"- When shot by the player. Can be heard without the Skull.

343 Guilty SparkEdit

  1. "Girl trouble, I know how that is." - If the player hits him.
  2. "Are you looking at my ass?" - If you stare at his back for a long period.
  3. "You suck, Reclaimer!" - If the player destroys a Sentinel or when shot by the player.
  4. "Maybe you should try playing on Easy." - If the player kills an ally.
  5. "It's time for the Blue Light Special!" - A reference to K Mart's Blue Light Special.
  6. "That hurt my feelings! ...Oh my God, I have feelings?! I'm a real boy!" - When shot by a player - A reference to Pinocchio.
  7. "Are you always a pain in the ass?" - When shot by a player.
  8. "Oh, I see. You're a moron." - When shot by a player.
  9. "I'm getting bitch slapped!" - When shot at by enemies.
  10. "Hmmm hmm hmm. I am a genius." In reference to his line spoken many times in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  11. "You are pissing me off!! Oh my! I didn't know I had cursing in my vocal structure." - When shot by a player.
  12. "Hmm... I figured that would happen."- When a player is killed.
  13. "Oh, you're clumsy." - When shot by a player.
  14. "Oh, you're a puss." - When shot by a player.
  15. "Oh, you're a klutz." - When shot by a player.
  16. "MY shields don't deplete." - When shot by a player.
  17. Occasionally Spark will hum the Halo theme.
  18. "Take a picture, it lasts longer." - When you stare at him.
  19. "They're just trying to make peace!" - After killing a Sentinel.
  20. "The Arbitrary, or whatever, died." - When The Arbiter is killed.
  21. "I wish I had lips, so then I could whistle."
  22. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" - A reference to Mary Poppins.
  23. "Did you really have to do that?" - When a player destroys a Sentinel.
  24. "Bullets don't grow on perennial wooded plants." - When shot by a player.
  25. "I should have expected that." - When you betray an ally.
  26. "Reclaimer, finish this particular fight." - A reference to the Halo 3 slogan, "Finish the Fight."
  27. "Are you trying to be an ass?" - After shooting him or a Sentinel.
  28. "Reclaimer, please concentrate your fire away from me......and them!" - After shooting him and then a Sentinel.
  29. "Are you going to Scarborough fair?" - A reference to the Simon and Garfunkel song.
  30. "The longer you look, the shinier I get, its Mr. Clean." -If you stare at him.
  31. "I TOLD you to upgrade your Combat Skin!" - When Master Chief dies. A reference to the Forerunner term for body armour. Also a reference to one of his lines in Halo: Combat Evolved.
  32. "Is this some kind of test?"- When hit by a player.
  33. "I WILL teleport you to the Library if you continue." If shot at enough by a Player, a reference to the level of the same name from Halo: Combat Evolved, and it being regarded as one of the most annoying levels by players.
  34. "♫Hmmmm, mmmhm mm...♫ Do you know this tune? ♫Hmmm mm mmmm...♫ Catchy little diddy, isn't it? ♫Mmmm...♫ Makes you want to kill me, doesn't it?" - When idle and staring at him.


  1. Their noises sometimes sound like: "I see you." if you are hiding in a corner. Possible reference to Sauron from the Lord of the Rings.
  2. You can hear a chewing sound when your shields are down and you're being attacked by Infection Forms.
  3. Sometimes, when your shields are gone or you die, you can hear Gravemind saying "No skill." or "You suck." Occasionally, he will talk to Combat Forms, then say something to himself.
  4. You may hear the Flood burping.
  5. "Are you ready?" - Gravemind before a Flood Combat Form jumps towards you.
  6. "I am pretty." - Gravemind near the end of the level Floodgate. (A possible reference to West Side Story.)
  7. "Show yourself!" - When cloaking is used in Cortana.
  8. "Inner beauty is all I need." - If unaware of a players presence.
  9. "I like coffee."
  10. "Zzzz..."- When unaware of a player.
  11. "You must die!"
  12. "There you are!" - If a player is moving out of cover.
  13. "Like water I am." (can be heard without skull)- A reference to Yoda from Star Wars.
  14. "Brains..."
  15. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."
  16. "Here you are! Hiding in your Casket!" -upon spotting John in cover.


  • "Hey, hey it's me!" - when appearing.
  • On occasion, Jackals will make chicken sounds when dying.

Halo: ReachEdit

  • Occasionally on the level Nightfall, a Unggoy will scream "Por favor," which in Spanish means "Please."
  • Occasionally an Army Trooper will say "One man...against all odds." in John-117's voice.
  • Gunnery Sergeant Stacker in "Halo: Reach" will say: "Ooh, a closed casket for you!" and "Well, that one's dead!" or "Headshot!"
  • Marines: "Hey! Split lip! You want a free facial reconstruction? Because you really need it! Haha!"
  • "Your mother dresses you funny"
  • "HA! In your face! That is your face, right? Right?"
  • "Just like shooting Womp Rats back home!"
  • "Gonna be just like Beggar's Canyon back home!"
  • "I've got your Wort Wort Wort right here!"
  • "Hey! "ABLIBLIBLADJIBLILIBLA!" To you too!"
  • Occasionally during the space section of the level Long Night of Solace, a Sabre pilot will say "In space no one can hear you scream!"
    • Referencing the film Alien, this was the tagline of the film.
  • When you shoot a marine, he/she may say, "Do I look like an alien to you? Wait, don't answer that."
  • "Yeah! Shoot 'em right in the...purple thing."
  • Sometimes when an Unggoy is sleeping its overheard talking to himself. One of the things said is "It's funny but I dream in English."
    • This is considered an IWHBYD quote because all Covenant species speak the Covenant language, which was Bungie's intention.

Halo 4Edit

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Halo 5: GuardiansEdit

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Warden EternalEdit

  • "Can you go? I have friends coming over."
  • "Go away!... I-I don't mean to be rude!"