Illegal Entry Protocols, also known as 'pies', have, in combination with Counter-Illegal Entry Protocols, or 'c-pie', been created by Dr. Halsey[1]


Since the 2450s, the UNSC had begun standardizing its operating systems for ease of access. As a result, the 26th Century Insurrectionists posessed the ability to penetrate ship security systems, given their own posession of UNSC vessels. There were several incidents in which the Insurrectionists performed this action. The destroyer, UNSC Persephone was disabled when hackers successfully disabled ship systems. Dr. Halsey's Third Generation AI series were developed partly to combat this issue, and created the PIE/C-PIE system to detect unauthorised accesses. The algorithms were based on already-existing translation algorithms.[1]


The so-called 'pies' were mainly created by Dr. Halsey for use in the third-generation Smart AI's. This new crop of intellect would allow them to penetrate any system software. A side effect of the protocol was that the A.I.'s could learn to mutate and defend established UNSC operation systems from attacks.[1]

In 2536 a Jackal Energy Shield was found. This specimen was different from the others in the way that it was not entirely sealed. This allowed for much study. The Illegal Entry Protocols were successfully used in 2544 to decipher a portion of the Jackal shield, making it possible to use this technology in project MJOLNIR.


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