In Amber Clad is a piece composed by Martin O'Donnell in the Halo 2: Original Soundtrack.

It is featured in the Halo 2 campaign gameplay during the level Delta Halo in the chapter "Off The Rock, Through The Bush, Nothing But Jackal".

The song starts off with a violin section until, at around 0:14, when much of the band begins to mix in. Then, at about 0:29, a drum sets in with a guitar. This continues on until approximately 1:23, except the guitar continues on and finishes the piece. This song has a similar melody to Under Cover of Night. The song was also remade into the song Three Gates .

It's also been noted that this song bears some similarities to Farthest Outpost from the Halo 3: Original Soundtrack. This is a partial remake, since it only resembles a small section of the original song. 

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