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The Indulgence of Conviction[3][1] was a Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser that was captured and infected by the parasitic Flood, used in an attempt to infect the human homeworld, Earth.[2]

Operational History[]

A former part of the Fleet of Retribution, it was captured by the Flood during the Sangheili's quarantine of Installation 05 and High Charity.[1] Setting a course for Earth, it absorbed the ship's crew and passengers to provide biomass, then crashed into Earth, near Voi, Kenya as the Prophet of Truth activated the Portal. It traveled to Earth using a Slipspace Drive. Its parasitic passengers proceeded to spread throughout the city, infecting UNSC Marine defenders and the corpses of Covenant forces killed in the previous battle. Its infected crew and the newly infected victims quickly spread, threatening to overrun the city of Voi and its surroundings.[2]

In order to prevent further Flood contamination, the ship was planned to be destroyed by John-117 and Thel 'Vadam by detonating its fusion reactors. The surviving ships in the Fleet of Retribution made that unnecessary upon their arrival, proceeding instead to glass the contaminated area, destroying the remains of the ship and halting the Flood threat.[2]


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