The Infinite Armor Lock glitch is a glitch that can be performed in Halo: Reach. It can be done solo, or in a group, in Forge, and creates an armor lock effect on the user(s) while still allowing them to move, shoot, use other armor abilities (except Armor Lock), etc. The player is still vulnerable to assassinations, environmental damage and EMP bursts. If the player gets in an open vehicle like a Warthog, Mongoose, or a turret, the armor lock effect will be visible to the affected player.


  • At least one player.
  • Armor lock (not from loadout).


  1. Person A should place Armor lock on ground, and pick it up.
  2. Person A should activate it, and while it is activated go into Forge mode.
  3. Person A should spawn another armor lock, and use the "DELETE ALL" function.
  4. When Person A returns to player mode, they will be invincible, unless if they are being assassinated.

Zero Gravity GlitchEdit

  1. Set the game so you have unlimited armor ability use and free-for-all.
  2. Player A should perform the armor lock glitch.
  3. Player A should spawn and equip a jet-pack, using it until they sink back to the ground.
  4. While still using the jet-pack, Player A should look at an upwards angle and melee Player B without assassinating them. If done correctly, Player A will float in a direction dependent on the angle they punched at, as if gravity is disabled. If the punch is thrown at a downward angle will glitch out Player A's camera.
  • If Player A uses a sword or gravity hammer while floating, they will not lunge forward.
  • Deleting all jetpacks or having Player A assassinate Player B will end the glitch.

Gallery Edit


  • If you are assassinated while the glitch is in effect, you will get the Rejection medal and not lose any shields, but you will still die afterwards.
  • You can use Armor Abilities while doing the glitch, but if you use Armor Lock, it stops the glitch.
  • You are not immune to Killballs.

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