The Infinite Spoils was the name of a Kig-Yar vessel.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Infinite Spoils was built in the Rubble by the Kig-Yar Reth to use as his personal vessel. He planned to equip it with a human Slipspace drive as his race were denied Slipspace drives from the Covenant. The ship was boarded at the same time by a group of Elites led by Thel Vadam for personal use as his ship had been destroyed and by a group of humans led by Lieutenant Jacob Keyes in order to upload the Insurrectionist AI Juliana into the ship's systems so they could learn Reth's plans. This plan worked and the humans abandoned the ship to the Elites after getting the data they needed. During the Battle of the Rubble, the Elites used it to target the mass drivers of the Rubble, but didn't directly attack out of fear of the UNSC Midsummer Night which could match the vessel. After the battle, the group waited for a Covenant fleet to arrive as the ship lacked a Slipspace drive and it was presumably abandoned afterwards to an unknown fate.[1]


Reth had planned to acquire an unauthorized Human slipspace engine and use it to turn Infinite Spoils into his own personal slipspace ship, something the Prophets had originally denied him.


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