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The Infinite Succor was an Agricultural Support Ship of the Covenant, attached to the Fleet of Particular Justice.[2] Its purpose was to provide food stores for the crews and soldiers of the Fleet. It contained a large hunting preserve full of wildlife for hunting and producing live meat. It is the primary setting for the first story in the Halo Graphic Novel.

Operational History[]

Battle on the Infinite Succor[]

In 2552, part of the 9th Age of Reclamation, the ship was stationed above Installation 04 when the Flood broke loose from the Halo's Flood Containment Facilities. The Flood repaired a crashed Covenant Dropship, Brilliant Gift, and several Combat Forms flew the ship into the Infinite Succor's bay. The Flood quickly went out of control throughout the ship.[2]

A Special Forces unit, led by Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadumee and Special Operations Officer Kusovai, was sent to take care of the Flood intruders. They originally thought the intruders were a human threat but were quickly surprised by the Flood, which managed to assimilate a SpecOps Elite and take the ship's security codes from him. The surviving members of 'Vadumee's squad were gradually killed. The Flood were in the process of using the bodies of the crew and preserve animals to make a Brain Form in the engineering room of the ship. They were successful in infecting the Minister of Etiology and converting him into a Proto Form. Eventually, 'Vadumee killed the Flood-infected Kusovai, at the cost of his left mandibles.[2]

Ultimately, 'Vadumee was forced to set the Infinite Succor on a Slipspace vector for the nearest star. He survived, but the rest of his team, as well as the entire crew of the ship, are assumed to be lost when it was destroyed in the star.


The Infinite Succor had one Elite in her crew, her compliment seems to have been comprised entirely of Grunts and Engineers, along with the numerous animals of the preserve. The commander of the ship was a single lesser Prophet, called the Minister of Etiology.


  • The Infinite Succor was originally intended to be a part of a level that was cut from Halo 2.[3]