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The Infinity-class supercarrier[4] is a United Nations Space Command heavy warship class designed by the Office of Naval Intelligence during the Human-Covenant war.

Class HistoryEdit

In 2553 Engineers from Trevelyan began assisting in the construction of the vessel, allowing Forerunner shielding to be equipped. It was completed that year with the vessel's first deployment being to Sanghelios, where it fought the Servants of the Abiding Truth.

After the ship's completion, it was re-purposed as a peacetime vessel, searching for Forerunner installations. It was during this mission in 2557 that the ship took part in the First Battle of Requiem. The same vessel would return for the Second Battle of Requiem.


The Infinity-class supercarrier is the largest spacecraft ever created by humanity. It has deployment bays from which smaller spacecraft can be deployed. In addition to almost five meters of Titanium-A3 armor, Infinity-class supercarriers also boast incredibly strong energy shields reverse-engineered from Forerunner artifacts found on Shield World Trevelyan. The warships boast several Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, hundreds of 70mm point-defense guns, thousands of missile pods and experimental Forerunner artillery. Each vessel has at least 895 decks, with the most prominent ones being S-deck and the combat deck. S-deck functions as a massive barracks and armory for SPARTAN-IV operatives and the combat deck is home to a state-of-the-art training simulation deck, designated War Games.

Ships of the LineEdit




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