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Two Spartans in Infinity Slayer on Haven

Infinity Slayer is a Slayer variant playable in Halo 4.


The winning score is 600 for Team and 250 for FFA.


Gameplay abilities include Instant respawn and customized loadouts in both Team and FFA variants.


It allows players to earn points during the course of a match which can eventually be used up to call in Ordnance from overhead. Ordnance drops within Infinity Slayer consist of three selectable but randomly generated weapons or power-ups, the latter of which can alter the Spartans' speed, shielding, or ability to issue damage.


Team Snipers

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Team Snipers playlist image

Players start out with Sniper Rifles. There are no weapons on the map except grenades and an occasional Beam Rifle. You keep your motion sensor and kills are obtained like normal Slayer. The winning score varies from 300 to 600. There is no Personal Ordnance.

Binary Slayer

Players start out with a Binary Rifle and an Energy Sword. Players spawn with a Thruster Pack, player speed is 150% normal, jump height is 125% and gravity is 75%. The winning score is 600. There is no Personal Ordnance.