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Installation 02, also known as Epsilon Halo to humanity, is one of the other seven Halo Rings. The environment is water-based with rocky outcroppings and large ice floes.[1]

In 2552, during the Battle of Installation 05, a signal was sent to this Installation from Installation 05, putting it on standby mode. A readout from Installation 05's Control Room showed that Installation 02 was fully prepared to fire on demand.[2]

A more comprehensive readout was later observed in the Installation 00, showing the inner ring to be covered in water, or some form of blue rocks. During the Battle of Installation 00 by Thel 'Vadam, John-117 and the Prophet of Truth, it once again displayed that Installation 02 was on standby mode, being prepared to receive the signal to fire.[3] However, John-117 deactivated all the Installations before they could be fired.


  • This ring is often mistaken for Installation 06 because of the order of the rings in the level The Covenant. Although it is not so because the rings are numbered in ascending order from Truth's control panel, rather than the elevator via which the player enters the room.
  • The numbering of the rings concerning the IWHBYD ring sequence is the opposite to the rings' actual installation numbers and should not be confused.
  • The Monitor of Installation 02 is Monitor 7, another reference to Bungie's love of 7.
  • Like all Halo Arrays, Installation 02 get its power from the Power Rooms which are connected to other Power Rooms placed around the whole ring.