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Installation 06, also known as Eta/Kappa Halo, is one of the seven existing Halo installations out of the twelve.


In 2552, during the Battle of Installation 05, a signal was sent to this ring from Installation 05, putting it on standby mode. A readout from Installation 05's Control Room showed that Installation 06 was fully prepared to fire on demand.[1]

A more comprehensive readout was later observed on the Ark, showing the inner section of the ring to be covered in what appears to be barren rock during the Battle of the Ark by Thel 'Vadam, John-117 and the High Prophet of Truth. It is possible that the surface is devoid of life like Earth's moon, and the grayish surface texture appears to be cratered rock. It once again displayed that Installation 06 was on standby mode, waiting to receive the signal to fire.[2] However, John-117 deactivated the Installation, and the others in the Halo Array before they could be fired.


  • The Halo Encyclopedia contradicts itself as to the environment of the installation, stating that it has a tundra surface, but also that it is completely covered in dense jungle or forest with no major water sources.[3]
  • The numbering of the rings concerning the IWHBYD ring sequence is the opposite to the rings' actual installation numbers and should not be confused in canon.
  • The Monitor of this installation would be identified with the number 16807.
  • Installation 06 was originally referred to as Gamma Halo, until Halo 4 established Installation 03 to be Gamma Halo, leaving it unknown exactly what designation Installation 06 has.