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The Insurrection of Andesia was a series of conflicts between the UEG and the Insurrectionists on the planet of Andesia.


As the UEG and the corporate council on Andesia began to exert more and more control, hatred for both began to broil. In 2523, an explosion of Insurrectionist activity began on the planet.[1]


Fighting in NoctusEdit

The capital city of Noctus became a battleground. It was constantly patrolled by Pelicans which became targets for rebels as several were shotdown.[2][3] Eventually, insurrectionists had taken over, at least the roof, of an AMG Transport Dynamics. A SPARTAN-II team was deployed openly for the first time to quell this uprising. They crashed into the top of the AMG building in a Pelican and eventually subdued the insurrectionists.[4]

Fighting in PromesaEdit

Turf wars between rebels, criminals, corrupt security forces, and UEG peacekeepers were common on the streets of Promesa at this time.[5]

Other BattlesEdit

At some point during the battle, the 10th Shock Troops Battalion deployed to counter the Insurrection. While deployed there in 2526, Cadmon Lasky and his entire squad were killed.[6]


Due in part to UNSC police actions, the colony did not reach the point of full civil war.[5] However fighting on any scale only stopped when the Covenant arrived forcing both sides to focus on surviving.[1]

After the Human-Covenant war, the rebels returned even stronger, forcing the UNSC to begin training SPARTAN-IVs for possible counter-insurgency operations.[7]



Military Personnel Edit

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Marine Corps Unknown Cadmon Lasky KIA


  1. UNSC War Games simulations sometimes change the models of vehicles to more modern ones. As such the D79H-TC Pelicans are shown instead of earlier models.


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