The Insurrection of Mamore was an armed conflict which took place across the 26th century on the UEG colony of Mamore.


The Freedom and Liberation Party was established on Mamore to achieve total independence from the UEG. A paramilitary wing of the FLP fought a bloody conflict against UEG presence in the colony. In 2511 the FLP detonated a nuclear device in the Haven Arcology, killing two million people and injuring a further eight million. Per Operation: TREBUCHET the UNSC increased its garrison to aid in counter-terrorism operations. The UNSC failed to achieve a lasting success, and in 2537 the SPARTAN-III Alpha Company was deployed to assist in operations.[1] As late as 2552 the UNSC was relying on Spartans such as SPARTAN-B312 to assist in operations.


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