Inverted Stick Marine is an Easter Egg in Halo 4 located on the level Composer. In this Easter Egg, a humorous conversation takes place between two marines.


Marine 2 is in the Mantis, while Marine 1 is standing in front of it.

  • Marine 1: We need to test the Mantis. Can you try looking up for me?
  • Marine 2: On it.

After a pause, the Mantis looks down.

  • Marine 2: Aw, c'mon. Who's the idiot who inverted the stick?
  • Marine 1: There's a switch in the options panel that you can toggle.
  • Marine 2: Yeah, yeah... I just found it.

The Mantis looks up.

  • Marine 1: Way better.
  • Marine 2: It just doesn't make any sense. This thing's a mech, not a fighter.


Halo 4 Mantis Testing - ("Inverted" Marine Dialogue Egg)

Halo 4 Mantis Testing - ("Inverted" Marine Dialogue Egg)


  • This Easter Egg is one that breaks the fourth wall, since in the game, one can switch to either normal or inverted controls in the controls panel. It also pokes fun at the fact that most gamers prefer not to use inverted controls in first-person shooters.

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