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Isna 'Nosolee was a Covenant Elite on duty during the 9th Age of Reclamation. He held the temporary rank of Ossoona during the boarding of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, just before the outbreak of the Battle of Installation 04[1]


He served in the standard infantry, but during the Covenant attack on the Pillar of Autumn, he was made an Ossoona, or "Eye of the Prophet." His mission was to obtain useful intelligence from the UNSC by capturing the human ship's AI, Cortana, any senior personnel, and to record everything he saw through use of cameras attached to his helmet.[1] He was equipped with a plasma pistol and six plasma grenades. Although he was "ashamed by the ignominy" of his role, 'Nosolee was able to execute most of his mission without detection through the use of Active camouflage. He toured the ship's fire control systems and engineering before sneaking onto the bridge of the vessel, where he watched the senior staff closely until he knew for certain who the commander of the vessel was, Captain Jacob Keyes, to whom Isna referred as "Keezz."[2]


'Nosolee then followed Keyes and the senior personnel into a lifeboat, planning to capture the Captain when they arrived on the surface of Installation 04. 'Nosolee was fatally shot by the Captain shortly after the lifepod disembarked from the Autumn. His demise was a combination of several factors:

  • Captain Keyes had noticed the distortion of Isna 'Nosolee's camouflage on the bridge and recognized the distortion on the lifeboat as well.
  • The lifeboat was very small, making it difficult to avoid touching his human targets.
  • The Captain was able to acquire an M6D Pistol and discharge it before 'Nosolee was able to grab his own weapon.[3]

His body was discovered by a Covenant hunter-killer team on the surface of Halo, and through several conclusions and with the help of Ensign Ellen Dowski, the Covenant managed to capture Captain Keyes and execute the rest of the surviving bridge crew.


  • In Halo: The Flood, he pronounced Keyes as "Keezz."
  • Isna was shot three times. The first on the side of his helmet, the second through his chest, with the third shot going through his skull, with the bullet coming out through the back, throwing his blood and brains all over.
  • Two or more cameras were attached to his helmet for intelligence purposes.
  • He seemed to have very weak shields, as he died by taking a single pistol shot in the head. This may be because he had the armor of Stealth Sangheili, which substitute shield strength for camouflage.
  • Isna 'Nosolee was featured in a One One Se7en comic strip.



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