Governor Jacob Jiles was the leader of the base of Eridanus secundus.[1] He replaced Colonel Robert Watts as leader of the Eridanus Rebels after the former was captured by the SPARTAN-IIs in 2525. His background is unknown, but the black haired rebel was a slippery man, who worked only to serve himself. His tactics kept his people safe, as neither the Covenant nor the UNSC could locate or put a stop to his operation.

In 2552 he assisted the Gettysburg-Ascendant Justice hybrid vessel in making repairs before they would return to Earth. He had been blackmailed by Admiral Whitcomb, who brought the vessel to Eridanus secundus knowing the Covenant would track them and locate the asteroid. Jiles did all he could to help repair the vessels before the Covenant attacked. The humans were able to hold off one cruiser, but when 30 arrived, there was no way to win and survive if Whitcomb had stayed. After Whitcomb abandoned the installation, the Covenant proceeded to press on the asteroid base. He, along with all the other inhabitants of the asteroid colony, are presumed dead, crushed under the might of the Covenant.[2]

He had a personal ship, a former ONI Chiroptera-class stealth vessel called the Beatrice that was stolen by Dr. Catherine Halsey.

He was a rather arrogant man, still believing, even after the outbreak of the war with the Covenant that the rebels demands should be at the forefront of the UNSC's priorites.

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