Lieutenant Jaggers was a Junior UNSC Naval officer in 2552.



Jaggers was moody, temperamental, and not good at his job. While under the command of then-Commander Jacob Keyes, he appeared to be drunk on duty at times as Keyes states that he swore Jaggers had the smell of alcohol in his breath at the beginning of his shift more than once,[1] although an ordered blood test had suggested otherwise.

Military career

He served as the navigation officer aboard the UNSC Iroquois in 2552.

During the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Jaggers demonstrated gross incompetence, insubordination, and came a hair's-breadth from attempted mutiny. While at his post during the battle, he pleaded with Aki Hikowa and turned away from her station.[2] At several points during the battle, his inability to follow orders without question nearly led to the death of his entire crew. After the battle, Commander Keyes had Rear Admiral Stanforth reassign Jaggers to another vessel, or, as the book implies, an outpost: possibly a Slipstream Outpost, where he could do no damage while helping the UNSC at the same time.[3]

He was replaced as the NAV officer by Ensign William Lovell.[4] Ironically, Lovell died in the Battle of Installation 04: thus Jaggers' transfer saved his life.



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