Jaime Griesemer

Jaime Griesemer is a video game designer and a senior employee at Bungie Studios. He served as a designer for Halo: Combat Evolved and a design lead for Halo 2.

Jaime is responsible for much of the vehicle design in Halo 2.

Jaime got his start by co-creating a fansite for Myth. Jamie and his friend Ferrex co-web mastered The Myth Codex, a fairly comprehensive Myth and Myth II site. He met Max, Bungie’s webmaster, through the Codex and since he lived in Chicago they hired him to come in part-time and do some in-house testing on Myth II.

After Myth II shipped he just kept coming in to work. He was the Head Bungie.net Administrator for a little while, and then Jason Jones asked him to join the Halo team.

I definitely didn’t anticipate this chain of events when I started my first fansite, The Myth Grimoire. I was planning to go to grad school for theoretical physics, but I’m extremely happy with how things worked out. Bungie is a great company and the work environment here really encourages people to take on as much responsibility as they feel they can handle. I was really lucky to end up here.


  • He is responsible for the Easter Egg in Halo: Combat Evolved, Megg. This was the final egg found in the game, almost two years after release.



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