James MacCraw was a UNSC Marine stationed aboard the Prowler UNSC Red Horse in 2552.[1]


MacCraw was in a small squad led by Sergeant Lopez aboard the UNSC prisoner ship, Mona Lisa, where they were ambushed by an unknown hostile. After the ambush, the group split up into two teams.

While scouting the medical bay, the team MacCraw was with found an ONI Major named John Smith locked inside a safe room. As they interrogated Smith about the experiments with the prisoner and the Flood, Smith broke free and killed a member of Lopez's team with a concealed knife, leaving MacCraw with Lopez.

After the incident, MacCraw and Lopez headed to the bridge of the Mona Lisa in order to enact the Cole Protocol. There they learned that not only had Smith stolen their only Pelican, but a Shiva-class Nuclear Missile was being prepared to be fired at the Mona Lisa. The Captain of the Red Horse then told Lopez that there were two escape pods left on the lower deck, leaving out that the pods were only meant for single occupants.

James MacCraw

MacCraw on the Mona Lisa

As MacCraw and Lopez defended the pods, Ngoc Benti arrived with Clarence and two new additions, a prisoner named Rimmer and his Sangheili companion, nicknamed "Henry." Clarence, under strict orders from ONI Section III to not let anything but the Marines leave the ship, executed Rimmer. Henry, maddened with grief, began to strike at Clarence with his cricket bat until Benti, already heavily wounded on the way and showing signs of infection, sacrificed her life by pushing both herself and Clarence into the oncoming Flood horde.

MacCraw then escaped in one of the escape pods, leaving both Henry and Lopez to fend for themselves. There are no indications of whether MacCraw died in the blast of the Shiva, but it can be assumed that he either died due to close proximity to the Mona Lisa, his escape pod was pulled into the atmosphere of Threshold (for the maneuvering systems on the escape pod may have been disabled or worn out), or if the pod even made it past the debris field that was the remains of Installation 04.


  • Actor Jeruss Harrison provides the voice for officer MacCraw in the animated motion comic.



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