Jerald Mulkey Ander (Service Number 9805-684-JMA4784) was a Colonial Administration Authority official[1] and a former SWAT officer on Harvest, as well as the leader of the Secessionist Union.[2]


Ander was born on February 16, 2461 on Harvest. This places him as one of the first people born on the newly colonized planet. He was charged with Class A Weapons Violations, along with Destruction of GP (Government Property) and Theft of GP by the UNSC. He was also a former SWAT officer in Harvest's emergency services, holding the rank of Major.[3]

His offenses against the UNSC were evidently quite serious or perceived to be so, as he was assassinated on March 13, 2502 by then-Corporal Avery Johnson in Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE.


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