Jerrod was the first experimental "micro" Artificial intelligence created by the United Nations Space Command at the Sydney Synthetic Intellect Institute. In 2552, he took the form of a tiny spark of light and had the voice of a formal butler.


Jerrod was smaller and had less processing power than the standard UNSC AI, and while the standard AI had a Riemann Matrix large enough to fit into a Data Crystal Chip, Jerrod's matrix was only large enough to fit into a pea-sized crystal. This cut into his processing powers significantly but also allowed him to be highly mobile and usable on a laptop computer, whereas a normal AI needed an entire system, a ship, or specialized Mjolnir Armor to function. Despite his severely reduced processing power, he still could do far more than any computer or Human.[2]


Jerrod was in the ownership of Dr. Catherine Halsey. She took him with her to Onyx and he helped her navigate the Beatrice, locate Endless Summer, and eventually discover the entrance to the Shield World. His eventual fate is unknown, though it is presumed that Doctor Halsey took him with her as she and the Spartans entered the Shield World and went into the Micro Dyson Sphere.

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