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Jersey Morelli is an 18-year-old civilian living in his mother's apartment in New York City, New York in the United States on Earth.[2]


Jersey had a laid-back, easy-going personality. He enjoyed listening to 20th century Jazz Music, particularly the pieces his father liked. He lived in the same building as Janissary James, and they shared some of the same friends. His father, Jason Morelli, was a Corporal in the ONI Signal Corps on an extended tour of duty posted in deep space. His mother, Bonita Morelli, worked as a waitress at a hotel and was often away from home. When he was a child his father brought home a vacsuit after an accident had left him stranded in space for more than ten hours. The young Jersey would put on the vacsuit and run around the tenement pretending he was an ODST.

In the year 2552, Jersey's home computer was invaded by a confused fragment of Melissa, a top-class AI from the spy ship Apocalypso. He named the fragment Durga, thinking that it suited her. The only thing Durga could remember that she liked to find things out, so Jersey asked her to get info on Jan. The AI compiled extensive audio files from the chatters of people around her, building a picture of her life.

Although he first used her as a tool to spy on Jan James, he came to appreciate her company. She was someone he could speak to honestly, without fear of betrayal, and he grew to love her as a surrogate parent. She became increasingly important to him after he confronted his mother about her affair, resulting in a strained relationship between them.

It was through Jersey that Durga recruited the members of what would come to be known as "Team Jersey." This team, comprised of Jersey, Durga, Jan, Kamal Zaman and Rani Sobeck, infiltrated Chawla Base in Boston in order to deactivate the mysterious artifact being held there. The artifact was found to be in a room filled with argon, and since Jersey was the only one with experience in a vacsuit he was selected as the one to enter the room and turn off the artifact. Although he was successful he was jumped by the technicians inside and had to be rescued by Jan.

Jersey was last heard from in I Love Bees, when he revealed to Durga that he had contacted the draft board. It is unknown if he fought in the Human-Covenant war, completed his basic training or even joined the UNSC Marine Corps before the cessation of hostilities in 2553.


  • Early in the production of I Love Bees, Jersey's name was once Singh.[3]


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