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The Captain Ultra is the third highest attainable rank a Brute can achieve,[1] next to Honor Guards and Chieftains. They wear dark cyan Power Armor, which signifies higher rank than the gold Brute Captain Majors.[2] They seem to be the Jiralhanae equivalent to a Lieutenant Colonel or Commander (with Brute Shipmasters being equivalent to Naval Captains) and can command larger packs than their insubbordinates.

Rank DifferencesEdit

Some think that all three Brute Captain Ranks are equal, but that is entirely wrong. Others mistake which color signifies which rank. The Captains have violet power armor, Captain Majors have gold power armor, and Captain Ultras have cyan armor as shown on the right. The cyan color can be mistaken for a Brute Bodyguard's, which is a light cobalt color, and the Bodyguards possess a red undergarment, as opposed to the standard one worn by the Captain Ultras. Captain Ultras are an approximate counterpart to Ultra Elites, given the number of troops they command, their superior strength and tactical ability, and their rarity on the battlefield.

Combat BehaviorEdit

Captain Ultras are very strong opponents. They can take multiple hits from any non-explosive weapon to kill them. The best alternative to an explosive or powerful weapon for these Brutes is the Battle rifle to the head, which allows the player to hit them from a distance and kill them with few shots. A single Plasma Grenade can kill them along with a Spike Grenade, provided they detonate nearby each other. Ultras are rare in lower difficulties but more common on Heroic and Legendary difficulties. The Plasma Pistol's overcharge shot can come in handy as well to take out their shields. They are generally seen leading lesser Brutes, Grunts, and Jackals into battle.


  • Despite possessing much stronger shields than Captains, and slightly stronger than the Captain Majors, they are still a bit below those of a Major Elite: in fact, on the Normal difficulty, a single shot from a Beam Rifle will destroy the Power Armor of an Ultra Captain, but won't drain completely the shield of a Major.
  • Interestingly, neither a Captain Ultra, nor any other kind of Brute Captain, has ever been seen manning a Wraith or a Prowler. Also, the only way to make them drive a Chopper is to let yours be hijacked.



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