This Jiralhanae Encampment was set up on an expansive area in the cliffs surrounding the Control Room of Installation 05, mostly located within the expansive Forerunner structures and caves in the area.[1] The camp consisted of two parts; one medium-sized, forward base, and a larger, secluded base referred to as the Bastion of the Jiralhanae, which was incorporated into the cliffside.

Description Edit

The initial encampment was set near a waterfall, in the form of two circular basins with structures in the hillsides. When Thel 'Vadam and his strike team reached this, they faced heavy resistance from numerous Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, and a pair of Wraiths. The forward base was also home to an assemblage of weaponry, kept by the Jiralhanae in an "Armory" in the center of the complex. After pushing through the base, Thel 'Vadam and a group of Sangheili he led met up with an armored convoy, led by Rtas 'Vadum. The Wraith there proved invaluable in the assault on the Control Room, with Thel 'Vadam leading the charge. After destroying the Jiralhanae guards, which again consisted of Wraiths and many Ghosts, Thel 'Vadam ventured into the second encampment. (By this point the Level has changed into The Great Journey).

The second encampment was inside of a Forerunner Structure, and led up to a landing platform, with which a Scarab was docked on.

Armory Edit

The Jiralhanae had a small "armory" in a room/hallway halfway through the encampment, consisting of usual Covenant weapons; a Fuel Rod, Beam Rifles, Covenant Carbines, Brute Plasma Rifles, and captured human weapons including Shotguns, a Rocket launcher, helmets, and some frag grenades as a helpful addition to the players arsenal. The Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod Cannon proved to be helpful in Thel 'Vadam's assault, neutralizing Jiralhanae controlled Wraiths and ghosts.


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