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Jiralhanae Major is an elevated rank for Jiralhanae of the Covenant.[1]


These veteran Jiralhanae are stronger and smarter than their less experienced counterparts, and have been given the right to wear basic Jiralhanae Power Armor. This armor also makes them tougher to kill than Minor Brutes.


These Brutes are typically seen sporting Brute Spikers and Covenant Carbines. They are usually seen commanding less experienced Jiralhanae, Unggoy, and Kig-Yar. They are considerably more aggressive when they start to berserk. It is best to try and kill them using a Carbine, Battle rifle, Energy Sword, M6G Magnum, Sniper Rifle, or their own weapons: the Brute Shot. Like all Jiralhanae, they are vulnerable to head shots and may be killed by assassination. It is wise to kill the Major first in order to eliminate the enemy with the most potential to kill you.

Halo 3[]

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The Jiralhanae Majors, in Halo 3, like the Jump Pack Brutes, are clad and ordained in blue power armor and are the counterparts to Minor Sangheili. They have armor, that looks similar to a Jiralhanae Minors', despite a few differences, such as their blue armor which includes shoulder, knee pads; and bands on their thighs, which hold a Brute Spiker.

The Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle are great for destroying the Major's armor. Once their armor has been taken down, a headshot from an M6G, Battle Rifle, Carbine, or Sniper Rifle will be enough to take them down. A different tactic is meleeing them. However, they are extremely strong, especially on Legendary, so this can be risky, especially if he has pack-brothers with him. Killing a Major Brute will normally cause nearby Grunts to flee.


  • In Halo 3 the Major is difficult to distinguish against the Jiralhanae Ultra, due to a similarity in their armor characteristics; its shape and the undergarment layer. However an Ultra can be identified from the violet tint in their armor.


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