The Joint Occupation Zone was a region of space formerly part of the humanity's interstellar empire, but later claimed and colonised by the Covenant during the Human-Covenant war. Following the war, the ownership of planets and star systems within the zone was contested, with both the UEG and the alien colonists staking a claim. Most of the planets within the zone were once outer colonies,[1] likely due to the fact that inner colonies were often more zealously glassed.


During the Human-Covenant War, the Covenant Empire chose to settle colonies on certain planets that were formerly under the control of UNSC, after they had been cleared of humans. During and after the Great Schism, many such colonies fell under the rule of remnant factions. In the years following the war, their control became a controversial topic, as the Unified Earth Government maintained its stance of sovereignty over all colonies it had lost, despite the colonies that had already been formed. In a compromise to maintain peace, some colonies in the zone were resettled by humans, in areas distant from the established alien colonies. Carrow was one such colony, where humans were forced settled in desert regions of the planet to avoid conflict with Sangheili colonies that had been built in more hospitable areas.[1]

Known Star Systems and PlanetsEdit

The following is a list of known planets and star systems in the Joint Occupation Zone:


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