Jonesey was a calico cat aboard UNSC Pillar of Autumn. It was probably a pet of someone on board the Autumn. At some point, Jonesey apparently went missing and its owner put notices on bulletin boards around the Autumn.


  • The poster can be seen on several other boards throughout the level, The Pillar of Autumn.
  • In Halo 3, there are posters for a cat by the name of Jonesey, with an apparent silhouette of a cat in the bottom right hand side of the poster.
  • In the level Crow's Nest in Halo 3, there is a pile of garbage located near the toilets in the level. One of the pieces of rubbish is a note which is half covered up, but reads, "Still missing my cat, Jonesey."
  • Jonesey is an Aliens reference.



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