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Jordan Gaines (SN: 73968-00463-JG) was a Lieutenant in the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]


During the Battle of Arcadia, Jordan's family decided to not evacuate and rather to rebuild Pirth City. Jordan was born two years later, in 2533. As a child she was friends with future SPARTAN-IV Tedra Grant.[1] In 2549, during the Fall of Arcadia, she and her father eventually decided to evacuate. The rest of her family remained trapped on the planet until its glassing by the Covenant Empire.

She moved to Mars, and eventually listed with the UNSC Air Force in 2552, where she was assigned to Syrtis Major aerospace port. In November that year, her father was killed during a bombardment from the Prophet of Truth's fleet. She was eventually transferred to ONI in 2554.


In 2556 Jordan was stationed on Sedra together with her colleague Mason Hundley. She was there, alongside Jameson Locke's team to investigate terrorist activity on the colony. When a Sangheili Zealot activated a bioweapon, she and Mason were both subjected to it. Locke took both of them to a nearby hospital of the Sedran Colonial Guard, but they both eventually died because of the bioweapon's effect.[2]



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