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Joyride Studios was a company that produced action figures. It was in business for over fifty-five years and has produced a wide array of collectors items, ranging from James Bond cars to Mech Warrior and Battlestar Galactica action figures.


Joyride Studios first made the Halo: Combat Evolved figures in 2003. Because of their success, they also produced the Halo 2 figures. The company was eventually replaced by McFarlane Toys in the production of the Halo 3 Action Figures. Since then, the company had gone out of business, and their old website redirects to the Johnny Lightning website.


Halo: Combat Evolved[]

In 2003, Joyride Studios linked up with Bungie Studios to create several Halo themed action figures for Halo: Combat Evolved. Its original three figures were instant successes, both on E-Bay and in video game stores. Their success prompted more developments. In all, five series, with twenty-nine different action figures were released. In addition, seven more "exclusive" figures were released in select stores at select times. The lack of availability caused some of these figures to go up in price, sometimes into thousands of dollars.

Halo 2[]

For Halo 2, Joyride has produced nine series with forty-one total action figures. In addition, twenty-two exclusives have been made. The releases of the figures coincided with release of details about the game, as a John-117 figure featuring two guns was released shortly after the Dual Wielding feature was announced, and the Brute action figure became available only after the Brute's role in the game was revealed.

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