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“We fight one another now, but we should be fighting the true enemy: the humans.”

Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, was a Covenant remnant faction that emerged in the wake of the Human-Covenant war, the downfall of the original Covenant Empire and the disappearance of the San'Shyuum, founded and led by Supreme Commander Jul 'Mdama. Like Merg Vol's faction, 'Mdama's faction considers itself to be the legitimate successor to the original Covenant, and thus the faction is known by its followers simply as the “Covenant”.[1] Although the faction is generally recognized as an attempted Sangheili re-creation of the original Covenant, its members are identified as terrorists by the UNSC and the organization itself is regarded as close to a religious cult as opposed to a full-fledged empire like the original Covenant.


When the Great Schism broke out, the entirety of the Sangheili species was ejected from the Covenant Empire.[2] After the ejected Sangheili were victorious in defeating the Covenant that had betrayed them, they found themselves in turmoil. Many Sangheili wanted to maintain peace with humanity, while others continued to view them as a threat.[3] The ejected Sangheili would split off into several different factions as a result of different beliefs.[4] Jul 'Mdama and Kaidon Panom[5] formed their own "Covenant" in 2553, a faction that resumed hostility towards humanity and continued to adhere to the worshipping of the Forerunners, particularly the Ur-Didact. Jul arrived at the Sangheili colony, Hesduros, which had lost contact with the Covenant, being unaware of the Great Schism. Jul took advantage of this and recruited the forces of Hesduros into his faction.[6] Unbeknownst to his followers, Jul no longer had any belief in the Forerunners as gods, and really just saw their technology as a means to eradicate humanity. With this, the Covenant turned their sights on the Swords of Sanghelios and entered into the Blooding Years.


Sometime in 2554, 'Mdama's faction discovered the shield world Requiem, but they could not find a way inside and had been transmitting 'Didact' to the sphere since.[7]

In the summer of 2557, Covenant forces on Requiem engaged UNSC personnel who had become stranded on the installation, defying the cease-fire between humanity and the Sangheili. The Covenant still maintained a presence on Requiem six months later, attempting to awaken the Librarian hidden in the Shield World. The Covenant would eventually vacate the planet when Jul acquired one half of the Janus Key and set the planet to collide with the sun.[8] Catherine Halsey joined forces with Jul 'Mdama for revenge against the UNSC following the destruction of Requiem. Jul 'Mdama saw her as important, giving her crude medical attention after she was shot by Sarah Palmer. However, she did not actually subscribe to the beliefs of the Covenant, and she only joined forces with them to further her own goals.

Further Battles[]

As the Guardian events occurred in 2558, The Covenant began to lose power and numbers, facing discourse and fighting on multiple fronts against the humans and against Thel 'Vadam and the Swords of Sanghelios. Jul 'Mdama worked with Catherine Halsey on Kamchatka, however, Halsey contacted Captain Lasky and Infinity with information regarding the recent attacks by Guardians on Human colonies. The covenant was subsequently engaged by Fireteam Osiris, and Jul 'Mdama was assassinated by Spartan Jameson Locke.

Albeit weakened by the loss of Jul 'Mdama, the Covenant continued fighting on Sanghelios, and attempted to overwhelm and eliminate Thel 'Vadam. With the assistance of Fireteam Osiris, Thel 'Vadam survived the attack and regrouped with his forces. Under the combined effort of Fireteam Osiris, Commander Sarah Palmer, 'Vadam, and the Swords of Sanghelios, the Covenant presence on Sanghelios was pushed back and eventually overwhelmed at a final stand at their final stronghold in Sunaion.

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As in the original Covenant, the Sangheili serve as the faction's military leadership caste. However this time the Sangheili rule free of Hierarch influence.



Main article: Sangheili Rank Structure





The Sangheili armor covers less of their skin than the standard Sangheili Combat Harness, leaving the arms mainly exposed while having the legs more heavily armored. This is due to the fact that most of the armor is scavenged or non-military.[9]


Ground Vehicles[]


Jul 'Mdama's Covenant uses a variety of air vehicles. For up until the end of 2558, the main ground attack vehicle they used was the Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft.[10] In late 2558, this was replaced with the Type-54 Ground Support Aircraft.[11] The main method of aerial troop deployment was through the Type-44 Troop Carrier.[12] For mass deployments and heavier firepower, the Covenant used the Type-56 Ground Support/Ultra Heavy Deployment Platform.[13] By late 2558, the Type-44 TC was replaced with the Type-57 Dropship Troop Carrier.[11] As well, the Type-57 Troop Carrier was added to the aerial troop capabilities of the Covenant.


The Covenant utilised several different types of starships. They are known to operate at least one type of carrier, the CAS-class assault carrier.[14] They also used a lot of different types of cruisers as their main offensive ships. These include the ORS-class heavy cruiser,[15] the RCS-class armored cruiser,[15] the CCS-class battlecruiser,[15] and the CRS-class light cruiser.[15] By the end of 2558, the Covenant began to run out of such warships and instead turned to the use of older ships, retrofitted for combat, such as the Brigantine, the Man O' War, the Sangheili Blockade Runner,[16] and the Carrack merchant cruiser.[17]


Member species include the Sangheili, Mgalekgolo, Unggoy, and the Kig-Yar.


  • Unlike the original Covenant, 'Mdama's faction is not averse to using human technology. There are several examples of 'Mdama's forces, such as Parg Vol, collecting UNSC weaponry and vehicles, the use of a captured Pelican to listen in on UNSC troop movements, the theft of several UNSC nukes that then had their warheads removed and used in an attempt to destroy the UNSC Infinity.
    • This may be due to their lack of resources compared to Covenant Empire throughout the Human-Covenant War.
    • In gameplay, Covenant units will even operate UNSC machine gun turrets.
    • It appears they are also willing to have Humans in their ranks to achieve their goals with examples like Catherine Halsey.
  • Jul 'Mdama is the only Zealot in Halo 4 that has blue armor and a holographic symbol projected from his helmet.
  • Gek 'Lhar is the only Sangheili of the faction not to wear his helmet in cutscenes, even when he was hunting down Henry Glassman and Spartan Gabriel Thorne.
  • Each rank except Sangheili Zealots, Sangheili Warriors, and Unggoy Rangers have different color armor.





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