JunJie "JJ" Chen was a cadet at Corbulo Academy of Military Science. Unlike the rest of his classmates JunJie did not come from a military family, and is the one of a few CAMS students that are from Earth. JunJie is of Chinese descent. He developed a close relationship with classmate Dimah Tchakova, who is from a military family and helps guide him through the military world. He later died when the academy was attacked in the Battle of Circinius IV.



Being rased on Earth, JunJie Chen had no reason to worry about the Insurrection because it was mainly being fought in the outer colonies. Even with this, JunJie still felt obligated to help fight the Insurrectionists by enlisting in the United Nations Space Command.[2]


Being from a different kind of environment, JunJie found it difficult to fit in as a cadet in Corbulo Academy of Military Science at first. He was eventually placed into Hastati Squad. JunJie occasionally received messages from his father, who praised academic and combat scores when he did well and criticized his scores when he did poorly.

Battle of Circinius IV and DeathEdit

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During the Battle of Circinius IV, JunJie retreated with his squad to their dorm. They were found by an Elite Zealot armed with an energy sword and active camouflage. As the squad attempted to make a run for their weapons locker, a cloaked Elite plunged an energy sword into JunJie's abdomen.[3]




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