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The KG Mk 34 Antipersonnel Flame Mortar Launcher is an attachable weapon upgrade to a standard UNSC prefabricated base turret. The flame mortar adds a bonus Anti-infantry attack to the turret and possess heavy stopping power to stun hostile infantry.[1]

When in range, the mortar launcher shoots a ball of fire onto assaulting infantry. When it makes contact, the fireball bursts into flame and causes a small amount of splash damage. It is presently unknown what kind of ammunition gives the mortar these properties.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Much like how the Base Turret's M202 XP Machine Gun may be detached at will, the Flame Mortar most likely can act as a stand-alone weapon emplacement or be attached to other vehicles.
  • The Flame Mortar has attributes similar to napalm and fire bombs or possibly a combination of both.

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