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The Kaidon (or "Clan Leader")[1] is a Sangheili title identifying an individual as a nobleman.


The title of Kaidon is fixed to a landowning family and their Keep. Inheritance of the title remains within the family, usually a son or nephew. In the event a Kaidon dies without a male heir, a Sangheili married to the Kaidon's daughter can claim the clan leadership for himself. Provinces have been known to collapse into civil war when their senior Kaidons die without issue, with various Lesser Kaidons fighting amongst themselves over marriage rights.[2]

The Kaidon, despite being a political ruler, is still very active in the military, even leading long-running campaigns into enemy territory, leaving the Elders to rule in his stead. Kaidon is a lifelong rank, so the next Kaidon is only crowned after the current Kaidon dies.



After crowning, an Elder who disagrees with the crowning of the new Kaidon may challenge the Kaidon in battle or send assassins to kill him. Should the assassination fail, the sender is often executed. However, if the assassination succeeds, no action is taken against the Elder, as the Sangheili believe that a Kaidon who cannot defend himself is unworthy of leadership.

Known Rank HoldersEdit



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